Guide to the perfect alternative corset


A stylish fashion corset by our seller CutesyKink.

Timelessly classic, the corset has come to be associated with the iconic hourglass look, but it’s not all tight lacing and elegant shapes, the corset has become the ultimate alternative item, a fashionable piece of clothing that can instantly update any look.

The corset has been around hundreds of years, whilst the pvc and printed corsets that we see today may be worlds apart from their predecessors, they still keep that traditional shape that we instantly recognise. Traditionally, corsets were worn as underwear, often shaped into elongated bodices with stiff whalebone placed inside to maintain the stiff appearance of the corset. Intended to improve posture, these corsets were worn more for posture and elegance, than for slimming the waist as we’d initially imagine. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the corset would come to be used as both a staple item for posture, and to narrow the waist, helping to create that iconic hourglass shape that we associate with the corset.

Today, corsets have become more of a fashion staple, than an essential everyday item of clothing. Still keeping the iconic corset shape that we instantly recognise, modern corsets are all about flaunting your shape, they’re a wonderful way to exaggerate curves, and they can instantly add a touch of style to any outfit. Corsets can be worn for pleasure as a fashionable piece of clothing, as well as the Victorian waist training corsets, often worn to naturally narrow your waist over time.

From the gothic style ‘V’ shaped underbust corset; often referred to as a waspie, worn on the waist alone, or a voluptuous curved overbust corset; often referred to as a ‘sweetheart’ corset, worn as a fully shaped corset. The corset can add a touch of timeless elegance to a gothic outfit, and create the iconic hourglass figure for a killer pin up look.


A traditional steel boned corset by Basque and Glory.

Corsets today come in all shapes and sizes, with a world of styles to choose from. A more traditional corset will be fully boned, fitted with stiff plastic or metal boning to maintain the traditional shape of the corset. These fully fitted corsets are most commonly associated with waist training, but they can also be worn as a great finishing piece to any outfit.

Finding the right fully boned corset can be a task, but a well made corset can last a lifetime, these corsets come in inches as opposed to the traditional fashion sizing, it’s generally recommended that you go for a size 4” below your natural waistline – a size 24” for instance if you have a 28” waist. This helps you to narrow your waist over time, and creates more of a fitted shape with the corset.

Fully fitted corsets tend to be fitted with the traditional busk fastening at the front, and tight lacing at the back over a modesty panel, this allows you to adjust the corset to fit, but also gives you the ability to remove the corset with ease thanks to the front busk fastenings.

If a fully fitted corset seems a little too much for you, then a fashion corset may be more your style. These stylish corsets retain all the classic shape and style of a traditional corset, without the added stiffness of metal boning. Fitted with a lighter plastic boning, or shaped panels, fashion corsets can create the illusion of a fully fitted corset, with the comfort of a shaped top, they’re a great way to wear corsets for the first time, and a stylish way to dress up your favourite outfit.

Fashion corsets come in the more standard sizing that we’re used to when shopping for clothing – a size 8 for instance will fit perfectly, so you don’t have to go down a size when shopping for fashion corsets.


A stylish pvc underbust fashion corset by Shitsville Clothing.

Why not try wearing a shaped fashion corset like this Black cotton underbust top by Shitsville Clothing, a figure hugging corset top without the discomfort of a traditional corset. If it’s more a traditional look that you like, but with all the comfort of a fashion corset, then this Mocha and coffee pinstripe corset by CutesyKink will look perfect, a classic Victorian shape that would look perfect teamed up with a bustle skirt and blouse.

If you want to make the jump to a traditional fully fitted corset, you can’t go wrong with this velvet corset by Basque and Glory, a great fitted corset that’s incredibly stylish.

For a truly classic look you really can’t beat wearing a corset, instantly iconic and beautifully stylish. You’ll find plenty of stylish alternative corsets here at our marketplace, whether it’s a fully fashioned pvc corset, or a rockabilly style fashion corset, why not take a look around at our sellers selection of corsets for some truly alternative corsets.