How to Dress Goth in the Workplace


Classic gothic work wear with this Zita dress by Devinto.

Just how do you adapt your gothic look for life in the workplace? Do you dress down a little, or completely change your appearance to fit in with strict workplace rules? It can often be tough having to change your alternative look to suit your day to day life, but a change of job, or lifestyle, doesn’t have to mean completely toning down, or even giving up your goth roots, there are many ways that you can still dress goth without having to drastically alter your appearance for the day job.

You don’t realise how lucky you had it during your college and university days, you could turn up to class wearing a tightly laced corset, platform boots, and fishnet tights, without anyone so much as batting an eyelid, try that now in the workplace however, and you may find that it doesn’t go down so well with your managers. Growing up however, doesn’t have to mean confiding your goth clothing to the dancefloor, whilst you may have to tone your appearance down somewhat for the workplace, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your goth wardrobe for good.

Of course, it all comes down to your workplace rules and regulations, some may not frown so much on the adult goth as others, places like office work for instance do allow for a more relaxed approach to clothing rules on the work floor, so you may be able to get away with a more toned down gothic look such as pinstriped suits, or Victorian styled skirt suits, that still have that classic gothic look, but still look smart enough to wear in the workplace. More casual work environments are even better for the goth look, if your co-workers are in jeans and t-shirts most of the time, you can safely get away with a more casual goth look of black tops, and jeans or trousers.


Look smart in the boardroom with this Denim waistcoat by Shitsville Clothing.

Some however, aren’t quite as lucky when it comes to their day job, a more professional work environment calls for a smartly dressed appearance, but suits don’t always have to be drab and grey, a ‘corp goth’ look can be incredibly smart, and keep you within your comfort zone. For men, try wearing a classic black suit with a gothic purple or black shirt, ties don’t have to be boring either, many alternative designers have created stunning ties that can easily add a touch of goth style to your work wardrobe, without looking too garish; this lace tie by Santastic designs for instance, looks incredibly smart, and incredibly gothic in style. Shoes like creepers and smart dress shoes can still be incredibly goth, designers like Jeffery West for instance, do goth styled footwear that you can pull off in style in the boardroom.

For womenswear, a smart black dress suit can still look as goth as ever, whether you choose to wear a skirt suit, or a trouser suit; why not try a black shirt with a lace collar for a classic gothic look, or adding accessories like brooches to the lapel of your jacket. Footwear is where you’re really in your element with goth workwear, low heeled boots and shoes are still just as suitable for the workplace.

How to dress goth in the workplace is certainly easier than you’d think, and doesn’t always have to mean compromising on your style. You can instantly add a touch of gothic style to any work outfit with simple items like accessories and jewellery, whether it’s a pair of sweet bat earrings, like these dainty earrings by House of Bats, or adding a beautifully decorative brooch to your jacket, like these art nouveau style brooches by Darkenrose Jewellery.


A great pair of goth shoes can add a touch of your own style to any work uniform.

Unfortunately for some, the workplace can be little harsher for the adult goth, workplaces where a set uniform must be worn, often leave little play to add elements of your own personal style to it. But a drab uniform doesn’t have to mean completely abandoning your goth roots, sure, you may have to swap the bright purple locks for a more classic shade of gothic black, but staple items to your uniform like footwear, can often allow for a little play, letting you add your own personal style to your look. Places of work where flat shoes must be worn, doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style either, why not try wearing a pair of black brogues, or ballerina style flat shoes to keep in line with workplace rules, many alternative footwear labels have a great selection of plain black footwear that you could easily wear in the workplace. If your lucky enough to have allowance for wearing jewellery in your uniform, you could try wearing some dainty gothic earrings, or a simple silver gothic ring to keep your goth style in the workplace.

A sensible day job doesn’t have to mean giving up your gothic style entirely, why not try a few of these ideas out to dress up your workwear. You never know what inspiring pieces you’ll find from our sellers to go goth in the workplace, why not take a look at our sellers selections of gothic clothing for some ideas.