The iconic style of punk fashion.


The original punk icon, Jordan.

Punk and fashion, those two words almost refuse to go together, but punk has been helping to shape alternative style ever since those first safety pinned shirts of the late 1970’s, and it’s influence is still felt today in the world of alternative fashion.

Punk is an iconic style as ever, a style that’s truly alternative and anti-fashion. Whilst alternative style may have it’s roots in the rockabilly uprising of the 1950’s, it was the era of punk that really came to shape alternative fashion as we know it today, with the trend setters of the time – from Jordan to Johnny Rotten; helping to create a new anti-mainstream fashion that would go on to shape many generations to come.

A style that has no rules, punk is all about expressing yourself in your own way, an ethos that’s very much at the heart of alternative fashion today, it’s about wearing what you want, when you want, and not caring what others think. At the time punk wasn’t about setting a new style trend, it was more about expressing yourself and choosing to do what you wanted, whether that was creating a diy outfit out of household objects (like Siouxsie Sioux’s infamous black bin bag dress), or tearing up a pair of jeans and adding safety pins to hold them in place. It was that carefree, rebellious attitude that made punk instantly iconic and recognisable, and it’s certainly made it a memorable style even decades later.

Punk fashion was helped along by the ever inspirational, Vivienne Westwood, who teamed up with Malcolm McLaren to open their iconic punk shop, SEX. A shop that was at the heart of punk fashion in London, with their deliberately offensive t-shirts, bondage trousers and fetish wear. It was this blatantly offensive approach to clothing that made punk such a memorable style, with many alternative designers and companies often referring back to these classic styles of the era with their latest wares.


Torn, layered punk tights by Agoraphobix.

What really made punk so iconic was the blurring of gender styles, neither look was sold as significantly male or female in style, with women often shaving their hair and combining styles from wearing tutu’s with para boots, to baggy shirts and jeans. No item of clothing was out of bounds, as long as you liked it, you wore it.

Punk may have changed over the decades –  from the undercuts and torn layered clothing that emerged with the heavily punk Deathrock style in the early 1980’s, to the plaid style and baggy jeans of the punk influenced grunge styling in the 1990’s, but the initial roots of the 1970’s punk style were still very much there, helping to shape each style.

Today, punk is still as crucial as ever to alternative style, helping to shape many alternative looks, and inspiring alternative designers to create their own unique designs. It’s still as much about expressing yourself through your outfit and dressing as you want, without caring what others think about your look.

However you choose to piece together a punk inspired look, it’s all about picking pieces that you like, whether it’s a pair of torn, diy style jeans, a pair of studded killer heels, or a customized leather jacket. Whatever you choose to wear, pick pieces that you love, that you’ll adorn for many years to come.


A classic punk top by Shitsville Clothing.

Punk fashion allows you to be incredibly creative with your look, and you can find plenty of inspiring pieces to create the perfect punk outfit from our sellers. With classic items like studded, and embellished shirts, skirts and tops from Shitsville Clothing, to unique, one of a kind torn jeans and dresses by Peppermint Giraffe. Choose a few staple pieces that you can easily adapt in with your wardrobe, and dress them up with items like jewellery and accessories.

Channel your inner punk with this mesh Jabberwocky dress by Modifiedminds, team it up with some spiked boots and a classic padlock chain necklace and you’ve got a stylish take on the classic punk look.

Layer up pieces for a punk look, like this cross top by Shitsville Clothing, with mesh tops and pothole jumpers for a look that’s instantly punk. Torn items like these layered fishnet tights by Agoraphobix bring the look together effortlessly.

Classic looks like tartan prints another are a great way to add some punk style to any look, items like this tartan print skater dress by Dollydripp make for great punk inspired pieces.

Dress it down with punk inspired pieces for a more casual punk look, like this graphic printed t-shirt by Death Before The Cage, or this studded shirt by Shitsville Clothing.

There are no boundaries when it comes to punk fashion, just be creative and wear what you like, layer up pieces, tear up a pair of jeans, or add some DIY style to an old jacket. You’ll find plenty of inspiring punk pieces from our sellers here at the marketplace, why not take a look around at their selections of punk clothing, accessories and footwear for some stylish punk items.

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Jordan photo from Gravemaker+Scot.