Killer heavy metal style


Complete the look with an effortlessly stylish metal collar.

Taking a pinch of DIY style and mixing it up in an effortlessly stylish fashion, metal style has always been at the forefront of alternative fashion, with a killer fashion aesthetic that makes leather, denim, studs and spikes look amazing.

Metal fashion may raise a few eyebrows from time to time, but that’s in part thanks to mainstream fashion’s often ill advised fashion faux pas, making metal fashion look like it’s the next best thing in style. But if you don’t live and breathe the lifestyle, it more than shines through, with numerous high street brands more than often failed attempts at taking on metal fashion.

True metal fashion is as much about the music, as it is about the look, you can wear that Bölzer T-shirt hacked into a DIY style dress with ease, knowing that nobody else is going to be adorning the same thing. Metal fashion is all about the aesthetics, sure you can’t beat the basic wardrobe of black jeans with a multitude of band T-shirts, but there’s so much more to metal style.

DIY plays as much a part to metal style as off the peg, or custom made clothing, whether it’s a customized leather jacket adorned with studs and spikes, or a denim waistcoat covered in band patches. Thanks to much sought after companies and designers that are at the very heart of the metal scene, metal fashion has become incredibly accessible, and we’ve got cult labels like Toxic Vision, Cvlt Nation, and our very own sellers, Death Before The Cage Clothing and Creature Craft Co, to thank for paving the way for metal fashion.


An amazing metal inspired T-shirt by Screaming Demons.

With clothing that’s designed by the very fans themselves, who live and breathe not just the metal lifestyle, but alternative fashion too, resulting in some incredibly unique clothing that’s literally at the heart of the scene. Whether it’s a graphic artist taking inspiration from metal bands to create some amazing designs for their T-shirts, or a designer taking a pinch of inspiration from the metal scene to create something that’s entirely of it’s own, with metal couture styled designs.

Whether it’s taking something new and turning into a look that’s entirely your own, or creating your own DIY styled pieces, metal fashion may look effortlessly stylish, but a lot of effort and thought goes into each item to complete the look. From distressed denim and leathers, to studded jackets, customized band T-shirts and plenty of accessories, from cuffs to collars, down to a studded pair of boots – metal fashion is incredibly dark and stylish.

It’s all about dressing as you like, sure you aren’t going to find dayglo cyber outfits in the metal wardrobe, but it’s a stylishly dark look that takes plenty of inspiration from the very music itself. You’ll already have staple items to hand, like denims and those essential band T-shirts, add in pieces to complete the look and create your own metal look.

Dark occult style plays as much a part of the look as distressed denims and tight jeans, whether it’s a stylish occult patterned T-shirt, like this Demons are coming sigil tee by Creature Craft Co, or this Inverted cross cincher corset by Gore Couture. Mix in occult wears for a dark metal look that’s effortlessly stylish.

If the same old band T-shirts are wearing you down, try wearing some incredibly stylish T-shirts with prints that could have been lifted off a classic album cover, like this gothic black T-shirt, or this Rest in pieces T-shirt by Screaming Demons, both amazing metal inspired designs.


Complete the look with an amazing pair of boots, like these Spawn boots by Hades Footwear.

Of course, it’s not all about the T-shirts, a great pair of jeans finishes off any look, from these military styled black trousers by Shitsville Clothing, to these vegan pleather jeans by The Dark Angel Design Co, but if you fancy something with more of a flair, then these Tribal tattoo pants by Italiano Couture are just perfect!

A great pair of boots finishes off the metal look perfectly, whether it’s these DIY style Spawn boots by Hades Footwear, or these knee high New Rock boots. Customize your look with plenty of accessories, from pentagram and skull necklaces like this skull hummingbird necklace by Moon Raven Designs, or this In Pulverem Reverteris necklace by Frogs don’t make Princes. Alongside studded leather cuffs and collars, for a stylish collar try this leather collar with shoulder armour by Tempest and Serenity.

There’s plenty of ways to create the perfect metal look, whether you choose to go more DIY, or customize your look with a few new pieces. Take a look around at our sellers selection of metal clothing and accessories to find some truly unique pieces made by designers at the heart of the scene.