Looking stylish in dystopian fashion : The cyberpunk look.


Futuristic fashions bring the cyberpunk look together perfectly.

Hack your way into this stylish alternative look, as dreams of a dystopian future lead us to a stylish futuristic fashion, that takes gritty and dark alternative streetwear and gives an industrial sized makeover for the Cyberpunk look.

A style that’s heavily influenced by this science fiction genre, cyberpunk started out in the 1980’s though dystopian, futuristic novels by authors such as William Gibson and John M. Ford, alongside an injection in futuristic style thanks to cult films like Bladerunner and Robocop, which made a bleak, gritty, dystopian future look incredibly stylish, despite the circumstances.

Technology plays a huge part to the cyberpunk look, hence the name, inspired as much by a bleak futuristic landscape as it is by the very technology that drives us, this look brings influences from both sides to create a look that’s incredibly stylish and sleek, and little more black clad than it’s bright and colourful cybergoth counterpart.

Today we mostly recognise this look from films like The Matrix, which took a heavy pinch of inspiration for the sleek outfits of Neo and Trinity from this alternative style, giving the cyberpunk look a Hollywood makeover. Cyberpunk itself is more gritty in style than the slinky pvc trenchcoats and bustier tops as seen in The Matrix, but the initial premise of the style is still there. The cyberpunk look is all about mixing urban streetwear with technology and apocalyptic style, not as gritty as the industrial look, but a much more casual, and effortlessly styled look.


These Megaton leggings by Siskatank are perfect for any cyberpunk look.

Influenced as much by technological advances in fashion, as the very technology that we use day to day, cyberpunk makes streetwear look effortlessly stylish, but equally as bleak and dystopian.

The base of the cyberpunk look is often formed from classic alt streetwear items such as jeans, jackets and tops, with a good pair of sturdy boots and minimal accessories completing the look. Designers like our very own sellers, Plastik Wrap, Siskatank and Zolnar are at the forefront of this style, helping to shape a stylish wardrobe of futuristic fashion.

The most important rule to any cyberpunk look is that black doesn’t necessarily mean cyberpunk, you can add in classic grey, brown and even white clothing to complete your look, just be sure to avoid bright fluorescent clothing, which fits in more with the cybergoth look.


Minimal accessories complete the look, like this cyberpunk watch by Atomfashion.

For a great base for your cyberpunk look a gritty long sleeved top adds a great cyberpunk twist on the alt streetwear look, try this Dangerise stripe top by Siskatank, which looks great over a pair of black or grey leggings.

Staple items like black or grey tops, leggings, jeans and dresses are great to build up a cyberpunk look, try this Funnel dress by Tempesta Couture, layered over a pair of leggings like these Kuro black stripe leggings by Siskatank.

For more of a futuristic cyberpunk look, try this stylish Black cowl top by Zolnar, team it up with this Salem harness vest by Plastik Wrap to complete your look.

A great pair of boots completes any cyberpunk look, try these Bjorn boots by Hades for that dystopian look, or a pair of classic military style boots for more of a casual look.

Minimal accessories make for a great cyberpunk look, items like a simple pair of gloves, belts or wrist cuffs are a great way to complete your look, try this Cyberpunk wrist watch by Atomfashion for an easy way to add some cyberpunk style to your outfit.

However you want to complete your cyberpunk look, you’ll find some great pieces from our sellers here at the marketplace, whether it’s the perfect streetwear top, or a stylish futuristic jacket to complete your look.