Mixing tribal style with gothic fashion : Tribal Goth


Mixing dark gothic style with the alluring tribal look.

Fusing the elegance of gothic style with the mysterious world of belly dancing, Tribal Goth has become an incredibly stylish and unique alternative look. But there’s far more to this style than wiggling those hips, as Tribal Goth takes on a mixture of alternative styles and influences, for a look that’s incredibly unique.

The emergence of belly dancing in the alternative scene has in many ways helped to shape this alternative style, as this new gothic art dance movement led the way for lavish bejewelled dancewear with a darker twist. Taking a pinch of inspiration from the world of boho style and mixing it up with dark gothic style, resulting in this stylish new gothic look.

Belly dancing itself is hardly new, it’s a historic dance form that originated in the Middle East and South Asia, today it’s become an interpretive dance movement and art form that’s taken on many styles and sub-genres, picking up some darker inspiration along the way as the art of gothic bellydancing formed. As a dance form, gothic bellydancing originated in the U.S, blending gothic style with world music, as it’s grown it’s picked up a darker twist along the way, with many performers choosing alternative music for their performances.


Taking inspiration from the gothic bellydance look for the perfect Tribal goth outfit.

As this new alternative art and dance movement grew the performers took on a darker twist for their costumes, it’s this style that we instantly recognise as tribal goth, helping to shape this alternative look. Taking inspiration from the traditional belly dancing costumes, with items such as hip skirts, bejewelled bikini tops and belly chains, taking on a darker, more gothic twist.

Tribal goth blends this look with a boho vibe, mixing gypsy skirts, ruffled trousers, loose flowing clothing and cropped tops, adding in plenty of tribal inspired accessories and jewellery to complete the look. The tribal influence extends even further, often incorporating traditional tribal tattoos and dreadlocks into the look.

It’s certainly a beautifully styled look, taking more of a casual dark approach to the traditional gothic look, making for a great day to day style. This artistic gothic style is incredibly easy to recreate, with many staple items from your gothic wardrobe helping to shape the look, items such as flowing blouses, and skirts, to velvet crop tops and arm warmers are often brought into the tribal goth look, mixing and matching them with pieces such as hooded tops, hip skirts and long flowing cardigans.

Crop tops and bralette tops are a great way to add a touch of gothic bellydance style to your look, this velvet Leia crop top by Opal Moon Designs is just perfect. Items like long flowing cardigans bring the look together perfectly, try this stylish Desert duster by Opal Moon Designs for an easy way to dress up your look.


Accessories make the look, like this stylish cowl by Wings of Sin.

For more of a casual tribal goth look, loose fitting, flowy tops are just perfect, this Dolman bat wing top by Wings of Sin is a great addition to any outfit, or dress up for the colder months in this Cowl hooded top by Tempesta Couture.

A low slung hip fit skirt, or flowing gypsy skirt is perfect to complete the tribal goth look, try this flowing Flamenco skirt by Phoenix Rising Designs in a classic goth black, or this Warrior maiden maxi skirt by Wings of Sin for a great tribal goth outfit.

Accessorize the look with pieces like flowing cardigans, cowl hoods and scarves, this Post apocalyptic cowl hood by Wings of Sin adds a dark touch to your look. Why not try layering pieces over each other, this Underbust harness vest top by Opal Moon Designs looks great layered over long sleeved tops.

Items like armwarmers, gloves and low slung belts are great for this look, add in statement pieces like necklaces and rings to complete the look. Pieces like this Lotus pendant by Richard Ayres, or this Red Siam necklace by Applebite Jewelry, look perfect worn alone or layered over several pieces.

However you want to complete your look in Tribal goth style, you’ll find some great pieces from our sellers here at the marketplace, whether it’s a velvet crop top, a stylish gypsy skirt or a bralette top, you’ll find plenty of Tribal goh inspired attire for your look.