More than just 90’s style, grunge fashion.


A great modern take on the grunge style with this vest tee by Alternate Decision Clothing.

Quicker than you can pick up a pair of your trusty Dr Martens, grunge fashion is back in style. A style that saw dressing down become the new dressing up, as plaids, babydoll dresses, ripped and torn jeans and oversized shirts took over the world of alternative fashion, and it’s enjoying a renewed interest as a new wave of alternative fashionistas have taken to tearing up their favourite jeans and layering up DIY style tops.

Those of us that are old enough to remember grunge the first time around will be all too familiar with those baggy T-shirts, ripped jeans, Dr Martens and oversized plaid shirts, a look that saw dressing down become incredibly stylish. Grunge itself initially came out of the late 1980’s thanks to alternative rock bands that became synonymous with the look and sound, like Mudhoney, Nirvana and Alice in Chains. The term grunge itself ironically came about as a joke, with Mudhoney’s Mark Arm allegedly coining the term ‘grunge’ in an interview, that soon after stuck around to describe this new wave of alternative music.


Dress down the grunge look with stylish baggy T-shirts.

The grunge look was all about thrifting, a look that saw vintage fashion become incredibly stylish, as opting for vintage and second hand wares began to pave the way for this new alternative look. It was a style that took minimal effort at first, more casual than a perfected alternative style, as the classic grunge look saw basic items like jeans, plaid shirts, baggy T-shirts and floral dresses form the basis of this look.

You can’t picture this iconic alternative look without thinking of grunge’s power couple, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, who went on to become role models for this alternative style, helping to shape the grunge look. Their take on grunge fashion, whether it was dressing down on stage, or dressing up for the red carpet, went on to shape grunge fashion as we know it today, and it’s that iconic look of babydoll dresses, torn jeans, baggy T-shirts and shirts, that we associate with grunge fashion today.

Grunge style may have evolved and changed since the 1990’s, but it’s that initial iconic look that we still associate with grunge fashion today. With a renewed interest in 90’s culture we’ve taken this cult alternative style and turned it into something that’s incredibly unique, and still oozes plenty of alternative style.

Grunge fashion today still takes on plenty of the original styles elements, with items like baggy T-shirts, ripped and torn jeans, and babydoll dresses still playing a crucial part to this look, but it’s been given a modern update with alternative twists to the grunge look, like baggy cropped tees, babydoll dresses with graphic alternative prints, and skinny fit slashed jeans taking the effort out of hacking a pair of your favourite jeans.


Get the grunge look with these stylish leggings by Siskatank.

You can piece together the perfect grunge look with ease using staple pieces already in your wardrobe, like baggy band T-shirts, shirts and jeans, team them up with items like these Graphite leggings by Siskatank, which look great when worn with baggy T-shirts and knee high boots.

Dress up any grunge look with floral jewellery, like these pieces by Atomic Lace.

Dress up any grunge look with floral jewellery, like these pieces by Atomic Lace.

Take the hard work out of slashing up a pair of your favourite jeans, with these amazing slashed DIY style Trash jeans by Peppermint Giraffe, for a punk meets grunge look. Finish the look off with a great baggy fit T-shirt like this Apocalyptic Sonata T-shirt by Alternative Decision Clothing, or this Keys to Creation T-shirt by CRMC Clothing.

For a great casual grunge look this Wheel of Death vest by Alternate Decision Clothing is just perfect, or why not try this Funnel dress by Tempesta Couture, teamed up with layered tights and knee high boots for a great grunge look.

No grunge look would be complete without a great babydoll dress, try this Snow Queen slip dress by Opal Moon Designs for a look that could rival Courtney’s, team it up with layered tights and the perfect pair of mary janes.

Dress the look up with some great grunge accessories, pieces like these floral stud earrings and this floral glass ring by Atomic Lace add a great touch of 90’s style to this look. Finish it off with a great pair of knee high boots for a classic grunge look.

Whether you want to dress down, or add a touch of grunge style to your look, you’ll find a great selection of grunge style clothing and accessories from our sellers here at I Am Attitude to help create the perfect grunge look.