Punk gets a glamourous make over with the Glam Punk look.


    Dark and sleek, the glam punk look is all about attitude and style!

    At first thought you wouldn’t even imagine that punk would have a glamorous side, but there’s more to this classic alternative look than just safety pins and DIY style, as punk gets a sleek, glam makeover with the Glam Punk look.

    Alternative fashion does have a tendency to mix and match styles, and what better looks to mix up than the classic punk look and the glittering glam of the 1970’s. Both styles were in fact closer than you’d imagine at the time, with the androgynous glam look helping to lead the way for punk.

    Glam punk as a style has been heavily shaped by history, taking a pinch of inspiration from the glam rock and metal looks of the 1980’s, mixed in with the iconic punk look, but this is a style that’s just as unique as it’s counterparts, with a polished, sleeker look, that makes for an instantly glamourous alternative look.

    Gone are the gritty undertones of the classic punk look, replaced by a darker glam style. Think sheer looks, lashings of costume jewellery, couture pieces and sultry dark make up and your onto a classic glam punk look.


    Sheer latex is perfect for this look, try this bodysuit by Black Sheep Latex for an amazing glam punk outfit.

    Glam punk has all the attitude and edginess of punk, but it retains a very couture and sleek approach with it’s look, it’s incredibly modern and stylish, but still alternative and cutting edge, and of course, it’s bound to get you noticed!

    Think epaulets, studs, spikes and plenty of glitter, and your on to a classic glam punk look, accessorizing is the key to this alternative look, and the bigger the better!

    Spikes and studs are just as crucial to this look as they are with any classic punk outfit, whether it’s a black leather jacket adorned with studs, or a sleek spiked black headband, however you choose to wear them, you can’t go wrong with stylish spikes.

    Another classic element of the punk look that’s perfect for any glam punk outfit is plenty of chains, they look great draped over shoulder armor and epaulets, or layered up as necklaces. Look for sleek accessories adorned with chains to complete your outfit, pieces like this Leather collar with shoulder armor by Tempest and Serenity are just perfect for any glam punk outfit.

    Bring in the glam side to this look with touches of glitter, make up is the perfect way to do this, go for glam glitter eyeshadows, or try layering up your make up by adding a sleek winged streak of glitter over your eyeliner. Glitter accessories like clutch bags and glitter adorned jewelled rings are the perfect way to bring a touch of classic glam punk style to your look.


    Spikes and studs help to shape the perfect glam punk look.

    Sleek fabrics like leather and latex just ooze glam punk style, and they’re the perfect way to create the ultimate glam punk look. Go for high shine latex dresses and leggings in dark shades, and classic black leathers for a glam punk look that’s to die for. Layer up pieces like these latex leggings by Black Sheep Latex for an instantly glam punk look, or dress to impress with this amazing Extreme studded leather jacket by Barbed Virgin, which would look perfect over a little black dress.

    Finish the look off with a killer pair of heeled boots, the bigger the better! These high shine Machina boots by Hades footwear are just perfect for any glam punk look, and they’ll certainly cause plenty of shoe envy!

    You won’t find a more glamourous alternative look than glam punk, and you’ll certainly get noticed in this sleek alternative style. Shop from our sellers here at the marketplace for a great selection of clothing and accessories for the perfect glam punk look, whatever your style!

    Image credits:
    Latex body suit by Black Sheep Latex
    Model: Nicola Jean Smith | Photographer: Dean Wilkinson

    Mary crown spiked headband by Haus of Elle
    Photographer: Kasey Jean Photography | Model: Jordan | MUAH: Teressa Lynn Larson

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