Rivets and stylish military aesthetics : Industrial fashion


Go for the apocalyptic industrial look with this removable hooded vest top by Italiano Couture.

Industrial fashion, Rivethead or Industrial Goth, whatever you call it, Industrial style is all about a stylish military aesthetic with plenty of punk and fetish influences, creating a look that’s slightly dark, perfectly toned and finished off with touches of apocalyptic style – think Mad Max with a much darker style, and you’ve got the perfect industrial look.

Industrial style, often referred to as Rivethead, emerged in the late 1980’s, going hand in hand with the more futuristic Cyberpunk style. Where cyberpunk takes futuristic fashion and gives it an often colourful and UV reactive makeover, industrial fashion takes more of a darker route, with a palette of often black and grey shades, with more of a military approach to this often apocalyptic style.

This stylish look has taken a pinch of inspiration from industrial and electronic music as much as it does from apocalyptic films like Mad Max, where the dystopian, post-apocalyptic influences have helped to inspire this style, creating a look that’s part military, mixed in with gritty apocalyptic style.


Complete the look with a great pair of industrial style leggings and boots.

A style that takes military aesthetics and makes it look incredibly stylish, with cargo pants, flight jackets, trenchcoats and shirts helping to shape the look, military style items are often worn, occasionally recreated in pvc and latex fabrics for a sleeker look.

But this look is just as gritty, with many industrial fashion outfits being shaped by torn and ripped jeans, combat boots, layered torn tights and diy items such as customized jackets. The industrial look has certainly been shaping alternative style with it’s stylish take on apocalyptic fashion, with designers like our very own sellers, Plastik Wrap and Siskatank at the forefront of this style.

You can recreate the iconic apocalyptic industrial look with ease, with some great base pieces like black cargo trousers, jeans and skirts. For a more casual take on the industrial look these Legion cargo shorts by Plastik Wrap are just perfect, or go for military precision with these Military pants by Shitsville Clothing.


The industrial look goes futuristic with this short jacket by Plastik Wrap.

Diy style tops are a great way to customize any industrial look, add a touch of apocalyptic industrial style to your outfit with this amazing removable hooded vest by Italiano Couture, or go for a more dressed down industrial look with this smutty grunge T-shirt by Siskatank. Complete the look with layers of industrial clothing, like these Kuro black stripped leggings by Siskatank or this military style short jacket by Plastik Wrap.

Bring the industrial look together with a pair of classic military or combat boots like these knee high New Rock boots which look perfect when worn over leggings or layers of tights. Accessories are pretty minimal with the industrial look, but plenty of piercings look great with any outfit, whether it’s dermal piercings, or stretched lobes. A great pair of gloves can complete the industrial look perfectly, try these 3d black arm warmers by Zolnar for a great futuristic take on industrial style.

Whether you want to go for military precision or a gritty apocalyptic look, you’ll find plenty of stylish industrial clothing and accessories from our sellers here at I Am Attitude to create the perfect industrial look.