Rocking out in rockabilly fashion

Little Black Dress Hot Pink Fluo Lace Anchor Button Diy by Shitsville clothing

Little Black Dress Hot Pink Fluo Lace Anchor Button Diy by Shitsville clothing

The unmistakable classic rockabilly look just oozes 50’s style, taking a pinch of inspiration from the classic 50’s look, and giving it a modern update with kitsch prints, colourful dyed quiffs, and plenty of leather.

As a style that helped to shape alternative fashion into what it is today, it’s no surprise that we’re feeling all nostalgic, and taking to this classic alternative look. Rockabilly fashion may have changed to take on a more modern look, but the original influences from the 50’s greasers, and rockers, are still very much there.

Looking back to those first iconic looks, rockabilly was all about rebellion, growing up through world war II into a new atomic society, 50’s teenagers were in need of an outlet, and surely enough the first alternative style came in the form of rockers, and greasers, as they started to rebel. With slicked back hair, leather jackets, jeans, poodle skirts, petticoats, and tight sweaters, helping to shape the rockabilly look.

As the boom in vintage style and culture has given us a love of nostalgia, rockabilly has naturally become part of that revival, as we’ve taken to the classic 1950’s look, and given it a modern update, to become even more of a memorable alternative look. Today, rockabilly fashion is all about colourful kitsch prints, swing dresses, leather jackets, and high waisted jeans, bringing the classic 1950’s bombshell pin up look along with it, for an even more memorable look.

One of the key elements for rockabilly womenswear is those brightly printed dresses, whether you choose to go for a swing dress teamed up with a petticoat, or a tight pencil dress, with eye catching designs ranging from tiki prints, to polka dots, and retro cartoon prints, if you can think of it, chances are that one of the alternative designers here, can make it into the perfect rockabilly dress for you.

For more of a pin up twist on the rockabilly look, go for tight pencil dresses, and figure hugging frocks that just ooze 50’s bombshell, finishing it off with the perfect pair of seamed stockings, and killer high heels.

Tiki - Rockabilly Tattoo Fabric Hat Headpiece With Veil by Sakura Millinery.

Tiki – Rockabilly Tattoo Fabric Hat Headpiece With Veil by Sakura Millinery.

If you prefer to dress a little more casually, you can’t beat a pair of capri trousers, or high waisted jeans, team them up with tight sweaters and t-shirts, or a corset top, and a pair of kitten heels for a rockabilly look that can’t be beat.

For rockabilly menswear, the look still stays true to the iconic 50’s rockabilly style. With those unmistakable iconic leather jackets, whether you choose to go for something customised and painted, or a simple black leather jacket. Team it up with jeans, black t-shirts, and creepers for a classic rockabilly look.

One key finishing touch to complete any rockabilly outfit is the perfect hair do, the classic quiff, or pompadour adds the perfect rockabilly look to any outfit. Finish it off with hair accessories from printed bows, to hair scarves, and hair flowers.

Rockabilly accessories are certainly the perfect way to dress up any outfit with a touch of rockabilly style. With classic rockabilly imagery of tattoos, swallows, cherries, and anchors, adorning alternative jewellery, whether you want a pair of ear plugs with a rockabilly print, a colourful acrylic necklace, or a pair of cherry earrings to add to your outfit.

There’s no shortage of inspirational rockabilly fashion to add to your alternative wardrobe to create this classic alternative look. Why not take a look around the designers here to find plenty of rockabilly clothing, accessories, jewellery, and footwear. Whether you want a colourful printed dress, or a pair of rockabilly inspired earrings, you’ll find plenty of classic pieces to add to your alternative wardrobe.