The sweet world of kawaii, Japanese street fashion.

kawaii dress
kawaii dress

Gothic Lolita Punk – Pretty Cream Floral Lolita Dress by CutesyKink

The colourful and sweet style of kawaii fashion has been inspiring many across the world of alternative fashion, as we turn towards the streets of Japan for some fashion inspiration, for something that’s just as sweet, as it is unique.

The word Kawaii has come to be associated with all things cute, referring to the quality of cuteness in Japanese culture. Naturally, over time, it’s become a catch all description for all things sweet, cute, and colourful, along with Japanese street fashion. Iconic Japanese street fashion publication “Fruits”, is hugely responsible for bringing this unique, alternative fashion across the pond to the UK, U.S, and beyond, depicting some of the most creative, fashion forward, alternative outfits of their time, and helping to bring a little bit of kawaii to everybody’s wardrobe.

With a wide range of unique styles brought under the kawaii tag, from the Sweet Lolita style, to the accessorized Decora look, and the striking Visual Kei style. Some even mix and match styles to create a look that’s entirely their own, mixing gothic, cyber, and decora styles together, to create a look that’s truly unique. Much like alternative fashion embraces individuality, Japanese street fashion, takes that same inspiration from alternative fashion, to create unique, fashion looks.

You only need to take a look at our sellers ranges of kawaii, and Japanese street fashion, to see just how sweet and unique this look is, from the lolita outfits and accessories of seller CutesyKink, to the colourful, kawaii inspired jewellery of Atomic Lace, and the bold, colourful, unique designs of Peppermint Giraffe, each piece is as kawaii as the last, and could easily be worn around the streets of Harajuku.

Japanese street fashion and kawaii style have certainly grown in interest in recent years, with many Japanese fashion labels becoming even more accessible worldwide, this creative fashion look has become an alternative favourite, with many designers even taking a pinch of inspiration from Japanese style to create their own unique kawaii clothing and accessories.

When it comes to kawaii fashion, how you wear it is up to you, take some inspiration from Japanese street fashion to create your own look, or find the perfect Gothic Lolita outfit to dress up with your own accessories to style your kawaii look.

kawaii jewelleryFor a Lolita outfit you can’t go wrong by picking pieces from iconic Gothic and Sweet Lolita labels like Baby The Stars Shine Bright, and Gothic Lolita Punk. With the previously high import rates, finding the right Lolita dress for your outfit was often a chore, but nowadays you’ll find these much sought after pieces even easier, with many designers even creating their own Lolita style clothing and accessories that make for the perfect look. Why not try selecting a few pieces from our seller CutesyKink to create the perfect Lolita look, from bustle skirts, to sweet dresses, finish it off with some accessories like ruffled cuffs, and lace hair bows.

For the perfect kawaii look you can’t go wrong with wearing lots of colour, whether it’s pastel shades, or neon brights. Items like comic print dresses, printed leggings and tops, are perfect for any kawaii outfit, why not try some of our seller Rose Moth Clothing’s colourful leggings and skirts to complete your kawaii outfit.

Accessories certainly help to make the kawaii look, why not try some colourful jewellery to bring the look together. Finish it off with some creative hair accessories, like over sized bows and colourful fascinators, you’ll find plenty to inspire any kawaii look amongst of sellers range of hair accessories.

You’ll certainly find plenty to inspire, and piece together the perfect kawaii fashion look, whether you choose to accessorize your current look inspired by Japanese street fashion, or find the perfect items for a Gothic Lolita outfit. Why not take a look around the selection of sellers here at our marketplace to find plenty of kawaii and Japanese street fashion clothing, accessories, jewellery, and footwear. Whether you want a Sweet Lolita dress, or a colourful, kawaii necklace, you’ll find plenty of kawaii pieces to add to your alternative wardrobe.