Talking alternative attire with I Am Attitude seller, Torture Couture.


Their signature designs are as bold as they are incredibly stylish!

With designs that are as unique as they are incredibly stylish, alternative designer Torture Couture has been wowing our customers with their amazing haute gothic couture wares.

Each piece is as unique as the next, with designs that are perfect for any killer alternative look, you won’t know how you lived without a pair of their deadly spiked Lolita heart sunglasses permanently in your handbag, or one of their stunning crystal adorned name necklaces to match your favourite outfit.

Proving that their collection of unique alternative attire has no bounds, you’ll find an amazing selection of their designs here at the marketplace. We caught up with our seller Torture Couture to find out more about their haute couture attire and the inspiration behind their unique designs.

You’ve created such a unique range of haute gothic couture attire, how you first start out with Torture Couture? And how did you come up with the amazing name?

I was originally a fashion student at FIDM Los Angeles & San Diego, but I detoured into making jewelry and accessories after college. The name was first the name of a made-up brand for a brand imaging class at FIDM. I decided I liked it enough to use it for real.


Create a killer look with their amazing jewellery designs.

You’re constantly creating new and even more inventive designs, what inspires you when creating new pieces?

I get ideas from the weirdest places or situations. I’m a huge film/tv nerd, so a lot of it is inspired by my favorite films, and most recently I’m on a David Lynch kick. So the new jewelry had chevrons and black and white mixed with red, owls, etc.

I was outside smoking the other night and decided my smoke looked like scrolls. So the new jewelry has ornate delicate scroll looks, a certain baroque Elizabethan look in matte black, which is coming soon!

There’s such a broad range of materials that you use with your designs, from acrylics, to spikes and studs, is there anything that you haven’t used yet, and do you favour any particular materials when creating new designs?

Depending on the design, whether it’s a soft or harder look, that’s when I decide if we’re doing acrylic or wood, or metal. The colors can always be changed. Most recently I’m doing leather, or a more hard/tough aesthetic to the new designs, the scroll work will be from wood as well, so we can get the nice flat black, hard coal look to it. I’m flexible on materials, I like to be able to use anything and make it into a “Torture” item. We even use real teeth and bones. My work space is pretty endless on possibilities!

Adding a touch of haute gothic couture to any outfit with their amazing designs.

Adding a touch of haute gothic couture to any outfit with their amazing designs.

Over the years you’ve amassed a huge following for your designs, what’s been the secret to your success?

The secret to being a brand. Know what your brand is, and who your market is. Social media is all I use, I don’t pay much for advertising unless it’s a very specific event or media outlet that relates to Torture Couture (Horror con, gothic fashion magazine, etc.).

Since they came out with Instagram, that’s our #1 right now. Sharing, tagging, reposting our customers-  that’s my favorite. There’s nothing better than having your own customers wearing your items, and tagging you all over social media to show new followers what they could look like in your work. Our #TorturedArmy is the BEST!

You’ve teamed up with some of our other sellers such as ModifiedMinds and Pink Moon Prophecy on some amazing shoots recently, it’s great to see designers supporting each others work! Do you find that there’s a wealth of creative talent to work alongside in your area, and is there anybody else that you’d love to collaborate with?

I am actually very close friends with ModifiedMinds, Pink Moon Prophecy, and Missconstrued. I call us the Wolfpack. We share similar goals, get along great, and live in the Phoenix area. So we are able to shoot more frequently on our own time. Also, our work matches the others’ brands as well, there’s no clashing of aesthetics.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

A lot of weirdness.  Profanity.  And one of a kind.

Shop the range of haute gothic couture attire from Torture Couture here at the marketplace, for plenty of amazing statement pieces.

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Model : Cataclysmique
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Model : Cataclysmique