Talking Alternative Clothing With Our Seller, Outer Cross


Outer Cross’s Cirque Du Macabre hoodie.

Every now and then a real multi talented alternative designer crops up and knocks you back with how amazing their range of designs are. Outer Cross are one of those few, a company that doesn’t just design unique alternative clothing, they also have an incredibly stylish range of jewellery and accessories too.

With pieces that you certainly won’t find anywhere else, their designs are as varied as their range of stock, from Victorian styled cufflinks, to fierce printed t-shirts, and even Cthulhu socks.. there really is nothing that they can’t come up with!

Whether it’s a unique piece of clothing, a statement necklace, or the perfect pair of steampunk cufflinks, you’ll be bound to be find something that pleases from their range. We caught up with our seller Outer Cross to find out more about their striking designs, and alternative clothing.


Inverted cross cufflinks

You’ve created quite a unique range of alternative items, how did you first start out?

We first started out as a one man band where I was screen printing tshirts in the loft of our house, for myself more than anything, although I did a few tshirts for friends too. I was entirely self-taught, learning as I went along. This was something I’d wanted to do for a while as I was bored of same old stuff in the shops and wanted something more unique. Eventually I started selling online but things were slow to take off. Then my other half got on board and with her business experience we were able to grow and expand.

Your designs range from the macabre to the stylishly alternative, do any particular influences inspire you when creating new pieces?

I’m influenced from anything from the darker side of pop culture to horror literature and writers such as H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft has a bit of a cult following and our Cthulhu products (a monster deity from his stories) sell particularly well.

There’s everything from alt clothing, to jewellery amongst your designs, what drove you towards creating such a broad mix of wares?

We wanted to be able to offer something across a broad price range, so if people liked our designs but couldn’t afford a hoodie they could still get something smaller like some jewellery, or hand printed socks.


Plague Doctor T-shirt

You’ve built up quite an impressive collection with your range of jewellery and accessories, do you have any particular favourite pieces amongst your designs?

We both love our plague doctor designs. We have plague doctor tees and necklaces which are also quite popular. They’ve a really sinister appearance and there isn’t anything else like them. They’re really enigmatic too. We’ve kept one each of these products for ourselves so we don’t miss out.

Is there anything that you haven’t created yet, that you’re just dying to try out with your next item?

We’re experimenting with a load of nu goth and pastel goth designs for tshirts with themes like Ouija boards; ancient Egyptian symbology and Hubble telescope starfields. Watch this space for when they’ll be available.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your items here at I Am Attitude?

The future will bring more clothing designs within our tshirts, hoodies and sweater ranges so we have more variety in stock at any one time. We’ll also be bringing in more types of jewellery such as bracelets and a variety of quirky items.

You’ll find a great selection of their designs here at the marketplace, from alternative clothing, to unique jewellery and accessories; shop the full range here at I Am Attitude.