Talking alternative design with I Am Attitude seller, AMF Korsets/Fleischauer Creations.


Each piece is incredibly unique, with AMF Korset’s striking signature style.

Taking couture to new depths, with designs that are wearable pieces of art, AMF Korsets have been captivating us with their otherworldly, unique and wonderfully sculptured designs.

Not just known for their outstanding corsetry, AMF’s designer Louis, has also been sculpting unique designs, bringing a whole new meaning to the world of leather-work.

With no two pieces the same, each design has it’s own personal touches that make it stand out, from beautifully sculpted corsets, to amazing bolero tops, making for an amazing collection of alt couture designs.

With a stunning collection of wearable art designs, we just had to find out more about our seller AMF Korset’s amazing creations. We caught up with the artist behind the works to find out more about the process behind our seller’s striking designs.

You’ve been designing your amazing couture creations for quite some time now, how did you first start out?

I grew up in Eastern Germany, behind the Iron Curtain and there was nothing available for a subversive teenager to wear, so I had no other choice than to make my own outfits.

Each of your designs are sculpted and created using leather, how did you start working with this material, and why do you prefer using leather for your designs?

The initial spark must have happened when I first visited Torture Garden in the early 90’s. I never been to a fetish party before and it made quite the impression on me. Naturally I started to experiment and with the help of friends made little leather toys. One thing led to another and the rest is history.

What I like about leather is the organic feel, the fact that it has a history, every piece of leather is different. I can shape and form it, paint it slice it open and daydream about a scalpel kissing my skin. You could say it talks to me like no other material.

The only leather I use is European, I try to stay as local as possible, and have almost zero waste.


Each design is a piece of wearable art, with no two pieces the same.

Your designs are very visual, macabre and gothic in style, what inspires you when designing new pieces?

I try to break away from labels of any kind. Inspiration, I find in my daydreams and nightmares, on travels, especially when I escape into the jungle. Landscapes and details in nature have been a big influence on my work for a while now. Human madness, mostly in form of an unconscious collective deathwish is also a big inspiration. The way we treat our environment, destroying life supporting resources only for the gain of profits. I find this sadly fascinating and see it as my responsibility to confront this in my work.

Another source of inspiration comes from my own state of mind, emotions will always influence your art.

No two pieces are the same from your range of designs, and you have an amazing custom approach to your work. What is it about working on one a of kind and couture pieces that you prefer when compared to mass produced designs?

I’m more an artist then a designer. The motivation behind my work is fulfilling my desire to create, not to make easy money. Making a copy of anything gives me depression, it creates an inner conflict because I do not see the necessity of the existence of two of the exact same things. In nature everything is a one of a kind. I have no other choice than making unique pieces.


AMF Korsets striking designs make for beautifully unique alt couture pieces.

Each of your designs are incredibly detailed, they must take quite some time to make! How long can each piece take to create, and do any designs prove a particular challenge to construct?

This depends on the details, some pieces can take months to make.
Most challenging are personal pieces that try to pull me into the abyss of madness. Working on a piece inspired by emotions I relive certain moments so I can use this energy and include this in the piece I’m making. Also the more personal a creation is the more obsessive I become with perfecting it, loosing my self in details forgetting time, working till the sun comes up.

Even your photos have an incredibly visual feel to them, how do you find such talented creatives to work with to bring out the best in your designs?

People say I have a lucky hand when it comes to choosing who I work with. Over the years I built a network of people who have not only talents but also the right energy. Sometimes I find new people through recommendation of friends or on the internet. I’m open to new faces and ideas, the key is to have the right mix of talent and energy to bring out best in everyone working on set.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

My current series is called “Shattered Dreams”. At first this started out focusing on a reflection of humanity’s collective resignation. We have given up our rights for an illusion of safety, we sacrificed our nature for profits, profits that almost non of us will ever receive and we give our time (our life) to support a system that enslaves us. Our species made a big technological progress but on a spiritual and biological level we’re declining. Unless we change now, the human dream has shattered.

Due to a personal apocalypse this project took a twisted turn and I started focusing on my own shattered dreams, transforming personal pain into something beautiful. Some of the pieces include tears that I mixed into the paint, one piece even my own blood (this one is not for sale). Shattered Dreams is some of the most personal and on a deeper level probably one of the darkest projects I’ve worked on.

Currently it looks like I’ll be working on this series for a few more months, but the first pieces should be available soon.

Sink your claws into a beautifully unique piece from AMF Korset’s range, with a great selection of alt couture creations here at the marketplace.

Image credits, top to bottom:

Photographer: Martin Pelzer
Model: Das Fraulein Fuchs

Photographer: Alex Blyg

Photographer: Alex Blyg
Model: Ophelia Overdose