Talking alternative fashion with I Am Attitude seller, Italiano Couture


Italiano Couture’s stylish Rocker lace up pants

An alternative couture brand that’s all about the stylish, the rockin’ and the glamourous side of alt fashion. With designs that just ooze style, you’ll certainly want to snap up one their unique, custom couture pieces.

With years of experience working in the fashion industry, Italiano Couture have perfected their designs to create pieces that will certainly cause plenty of envy when worn, their clothing has been adorned around the world, with many a celebrity fan of their amazing designs, you’ll certainly have spotted their clothing on screen and the stage.

Their range of designs is certainly stylish, with pieces that you’ll want to adorn as often as you can, from their amazing rocker lace up pants, to beautiful faux fur trimmed dresses and spiked rocker vests.

We caught up with our seller Italiano Couture to find out more about their stunning range of alternative couture designs, and how they got into the world of fashion.

You’ve been creating unique, alternative clothing for quite some time now, how did you first start out?

Fashion has always been a passion for me.


Each piece is a work of art, with amazing detailing completing each alt couture piece.

When I was 7, I began to take clothing apart to learn. By the time I was 12 I already had customers for my creations. I was so excited, I couldn’t stop anymore. I wanted to learn everything from A-Z. I would spend days making pants for myself, when they were ready I would scream “It’s alive!”, and my mother would know I had completed another garment.

By the time I was 19, I was in fashion school and already knew most of what I was being taught from my years of self-study. During those days I had such passion that I would express myself with a different avantgarde look everyday. I always stood out with my clothing, hair, and makeup. You would think this would be an encouraged thing to do in fashion school but in my country those days I would actually get into quite a bit of trouble for it. I did not care though, I dressed for myself and I aimed for perfection with my looks.

After school I wanted to understand the mass-production side of clothing so I joined a company that made gloves, bras, corsets, etc. for a year while I also ran my own studio on the side. During my time with them I became the fastest in the company at sewing.

At the end of the year I felt I had learned enough. I spent the next few years working for various fashion houses making many types of garments until I began to desire independence. I went on a journey through most of Europe to study & experience established culture including fringe sub-cultures, to learn different ideas both old and new to satisfy my curiosity which enabled me to create new works. We are the sum of our experiences as you know.

After my journey I ran 3 boutiques. One was with a painter friend who would paint on the garments to create wearable pieces of art. All one of a kinds. Our clients were the cream of the crop in Rome, including being worn on TV programs.


One of Italiano Couture’s many amazing pieces of menswear.

After some time I desired change again and decided to come to America. After adjusting to my new environment I began to wholesale to stores, then I opened my first store on Hollywood Blvd. Being on the Blvd of dreams was nice, but it was mostly tourists who were not interested in fashion, they would mainly just look around, so I decided to move my boutique to Melrose Avenue which suited me much better with it’s colorful clientèle that seek the edgy & unique, amongst other independent store owners. I have maintained my presence here since then.

There’s such a broad range of styles amongst your designs, what inspires you when creating new pieces?

Music, politics, and people I observe to name a few. I am inspired by all levels of people in life and what their vibe is. I try to feel who people are.

You’ve got an amazing range of menswear too, which can be quite a rarity with alternative designers. Do you get quite a lot of interest with your menswear?

To me the human body is a masterpiece, it inspires me to create beautiful adornments seeking that perfection, it doesn’t matter to me if it is male or female. I enjoy creating for both men and women. Many men have commented how difficult it is to find unique well made clothing, so yes there has been much interest.


Italiano Couture’s stunning Seductress dress.

Your designs have graced the screen and the stage with numerous celebrities and performers adorning your wares, what’s been the most surprising commission that you’ve taken on, & is there anyone that you’d love to see in your designs?

During the 2nd week of being open on Melrose Avenue, I was organizing the store at around 9:30 PM when Country Singer Dwight Yoakam was peeking in the store and asked if he could purchase some pants. I told him we weren’t open but that he could come in. I didn’t know who he was at that moment so I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise he walked around and took most of the clothing I had just finished arranging in the store and put them on the counter. I asked if he wanted to try anything on, he said no and that he liked to take risks. He was our first celebrity customer, so this became a wonderful memory.

Many, who would you love to see wearing us? 😉 – where would we start! – IAA

There’s a lot of detailing in your designs, how long can each item take to create?

It depends on the detailing, materials, etc., but it can generally take a day to weeks until completion. This is a very broad time range, usually only my more complicated projects will take weeks.

There’s such a great range amongst your designs, is there anything that you haven’t created yet that you’d just love to create with your next piece?

Yes! Absolutely! I have so many drawings that are just that – drawings. There is still so much more to create! Art is limitless!

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