Talking alternative fashion with I Am Attitude seller, Manuela Biocca.

Resonance collection - Manuela Biocca
Resonance - Manuela Biocca at I Am Attitude

Manuela Biocca’s collections feature some stunning designs, like these pieces in her newest collection, Resonance with Alchemy Gothic.

With a range of darkly beautiful alternative and gothic wares, designer Manuela Biocca has been captivating us with her astounding range of designs here at I Am Attitude.

Taking in a broad range of influences, from the romantically gothic to the grand victoriana world of steampunk, her range encompasses a broad selection of styles, all created to perfection, with as much attention to detail to her beautiful evening bags, as her lush corsetry.

She’s certainly caught our eye, and with her latest range taking on a dark twist thanks to her much welcomed collaboration with Alchemy Gothic, she’s continuing to create some stunning designs that would complement any alternative look.

We caught up with our seller Manuela Biocca to find out more about her designs, as well as astounding new collaboration with Alchemy Gothic.

You have a stunning range of designs, what first sparked your interest in fashion design, & what drew you towards creating your own label?

Clothes and accessories are for me a way to improve our appearance and give us a personal style. They also show who you are and the impression you want to give.
I started making fashion accessories and corsets a few years ago for me with the fabrics I love, with jewels and gemstones which I won’t see on other people. Slowly, I have been completely caught by creating fashion designs. It became obvious that it had to become a daily activity, so that I created my own studio to propose exclusive items to women who want to bring an original and atypical touch to their classic wardrobe.

Manuela Biocca at I Am Attitude

With a broad range of designs, Maneula’s collections feature a wonderful selection of clothing, corsets and accessories.

There’s so many amazing designs in your shop here, that we wouldn’t know where to start! What inspires you when creating new pieces, and do you have a particularly favourite style to create?

More than just creating fashion accessories, the brand concept is an artistic approach of fashion: I design according to my passions and artistic interests which inspire me (arts, cinema, music, jewellery, literature, Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite period painting, legends and mysteries). I am culturally and personally involved in each piece. It’s important for me to seduce my customers inviting them to discover all the creative inspirations of the brand.

These last years, I have been more particularly attracted by dandy, rock and steampunk styles. My latest collection “Resonance” has been inspired by these styles. It’s a dark collection with modern lines enhanced with Alchemy Gothic embellishments (gearwheels, skull heads, enamel sacred heart, absinthe spoon transformed into a bag adornment, pentagrams, bats).

A lot of your designs are extremely limited edition, which certainly adds a truly unique touch to each piece. Do you prefer to make smaller batches of items compared to making items en masse?

Making unique pieces or very limited editions is a choice: I want to propose to my customers exclusive designs that they won’t see on other people. Hand making my designs is the satisfaction to give birth to high quality and original accessories that have a true spirit.

Your Resonance collection features some stunning designs using embellishments by Alchemy Gothic, how did this collaboration come about, and what drew you towards their jewellery?

Manuela Biocca and Alchemy Gothic

Her Resonance collection features striking detailing with pieces by Alchemy Gothic.

The first goth jewelry that I bought was from Alchemy. They make stunning and very original pieces.
We have many commonalities that make us close: we attach the closest attention to handicraft making, we adorn with gemstones and precious metals our designs, we find our inspirations in the worlds of mythology, history, fantasy, cinema, esoteric, steampunk and art. So that this collaboration seemed more than natural to me.

Black predominates in my “Resonance” collection. I wanted to add touches of light to it. So that I chose Alchemy jewelry and accessories set with Swarovski crystals to adorn it.
I invite you to see the film-ad directed by Sylvain Renault that embodies the encounter of the two brands:

Resonance - Manuela Biocca

Beautiful detailing on one of Manuela’s latest designs.

There’s some beautiful detailing in each of your designs, you’ve certainly perfected your craft! How much work can go into creating each piece?

Across the year, I perfected my craft in fact and I also learnt new techniques. Sewing of course but also bobbin lace and silk flower making.
Creating a piece takes a lot of time: imagining, designing, sketching, finding materials, sewing the piece, changing a few things to make the “perfect” design…
I have a base time for each kind of item I make that can differ according to the shape, the difficulty to sew it, to the lace, gemstones or other adornments to sew.

Manuela Biocca at I Am Attitude,

The designer herself, Manuela Biocca, with one of her signature hats.

You’ve amassed quite a collection of designs over the years, do you have any particular favourites from your past & present collections? Are there any pieces that you’ve been tempted to keep for yourself?

I do things with heart and it’s inevitable to want to keep some pieces for me.
l particularly love all the designs of my latest collection “Resonance” but if I had to say which ones are my favorites, I would say: the necklace Anachronisme, the crown of Roses Beauté fatale, the silk and leather necklace Etrange Jardin.
And from the previous collection “Barock’N’Roll, between shadow and light”, I would say Victorian hat Curiosité– Purple with its sterling silver skull, the matching purple underbust corset and Clair Obscur spats.

I have a private collection that can be seen on my blog.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

I plan to make a collection of clutch bags inspired by the rock attitude with brocade skull heads. They will perfectly match the skirt “Curiosités” and will be called “Catacombes”.
I will also propose silk roses headbands adorned with flowers that I have made thanks to traditional tools. When I was making the collection “Résonance”, I was in search for new textures and this led me to the art of hand making flowers shaping leather, dupioni silk and silk satin to create relief flowers and leaves inspired by haute couture.
You have maybe seen some in my collection “Resonance”:

For example, Necklace Etrange Jardin | Crown of Silk Roses Beauté Fatale | Cuff Bracelet Rose Etoilée | Hat fascinator Magie Noire

Shop Manuela Biocca’s latest ranges of designs here at the marketplace, where you’ll find a wonderful selection of clothing, corsetry and accessories.

Image credits:
Photographer : Sylvain Renault (
Model : Céline Naulet
Makeup-Hair: Fabienne Giombini Ceccagnoli
Stylism : Manuela Biocca