Talking alternative fashion with Shitsville Clothing

Red Rock Fake Leather Vest With Black Chains And Studs with Pinstripe Black Cotton Corset Top Brassy Steampunk by Shitsville Clothing

Red Rock Fake Leather Vest With Black Chains And Studs with Pinstripe Black Cotton Corset Top Brassy Steampunk by Shitsville Clothing

If it’s truly unique, alternative clothing that your after, then you can’t go wrong by paying a visit to our seller, Shitsville Clothing. They’ve been creating unique, individual, and truly alternative clothing with a diy ethos at heart.

Their designs are as close to couture as alternative fashion can get, with hand crafted designs in a vast range of alternative styles, from their fluorescent studded jacket to their striking underbust corset tops, with many items available in plus sizes and a wide selection of menswear to boot.

We caught up with our seller Shitsville Clothing to find out more about their striking designs, and alternative creations.

You’ve been creating unique alternative clothing for quite some time now, how did you first start out?

Everything started in 2006 when we came back from a quite long London trip. We had so many inspirations while we spent our days hanging around the city; back to Naples, we decided to create an Italian alternative fashion brand, as it didn’t exist before. We put together our fashion knowledge with the Italian artisan techniques we learnt from our grandmas; I can remember we bought a bunch of second hand items, some fabrics by the meter and clothing embellishments, to give them a new life.
We showed them to friends and started selling online as one of a kind creations, then we decided to create our first Myspace profile, to show our making of pictures and process, and we suddenly got many requests asking for size availability and color ranges.

From gorgeously gothic, to the perfect punk clothing, you have such a vast range of alternative styles amongst your designs, what inspires you when creating new pieces?

I am really an alternative fashion enthusiastic; I fall in love with new edgy trends literally every day. I guess I can stand looking at what people wear for hours, like a bird watcher you can catch colors and styles mixing every season. I love also when the high fashion made this happen, every season we see the best designers building strong runaways, taking from the streetlife the best of their target main attitude. Everything starts from alternative styles, then becomes couture, so I cannot just focus on one only selection, I always have to try, looking for the right mix.

Your items are truly diy, and alternative, with each piece being made by the design team, how important is keeping this diy ethos within Shitsville clothing?

It is our main aim and it cannot be something else. We are growing up together as one. Some people come and go and if I look back, I can see how many things changed these years. I learnt so much as a tailor before, and as a designer then, thanks to the people I actually work with. I think that our diy approach is what keeps us united and I’m sure it will be our strength.

Black Cross Jersey Cotton Long Sleeve Studded T-Shirt by Shitsville Clothing

Black Cross Jersey Cotton Long Sleeve Studded T-Shirt by Shitsville Clothing

You’ve also created a range of menswear, which can be quite a rarity with alternative designers these days, do you find that you get a lot of interest for your menswear pieces?

This is the reason why we need more men in alternative design teams. Menswear seems to be more quick and easy, and we, as women, are a bit egoistic when talking about fashion. I really love doing male pieces, their fitted styles hide so many tailor secrets, most of all the shirts, do you know there are more than 20 neck models based on different tie looks? It still has that old sound that keeps craft traditions alive.
Moreover, men styles are also quite requested, we are increasing our range of products every new season now to suit our customers’ requests and to fill the styles that set us apart.

Over the years your ranges have expanded vastly to include more accessories amongst the clothing, is there anything that you haven’t created yet that you’re just dying to try out with your next designs?

Yes, there is still much to do. I love making outerwear, full lined designs and cuts are more visible on jackets. I had in mind to work on some new female and male coat designs last summer, but I wasn’t happy with the first try outs and this changed my plans for the current winter season. Too bad for now, but we know we have to focus on coats early next year.

Even your photoshoots have a unique sense of style about them, tying in perfect with the items being modelled, how do you find such wonderful creatives to work with to bring out the best in your designs?

The world is full of creative talents; you just have to look around. I love every single work we have done in collaboration with models and photographers from all around the world. We had some great chances working with great artists through the social networking and each new job is always a big surprise. I love this side of my work; I have to be amazed by the final look.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

This is just the beginning, so many new styles are in progress and every new product release will be immediately available on I Am Attitude, you just have to follow our store because new updates are just around the corner.

Find Shitsville Clothing’s latest designs here at our marketplace where you’ll find a wide selection of both men’s and women’s alternative clothing, accessories and footwear.