Talking alternative fashion with I Am Attitude seller, Dollydripp


Break hearts with Dollydripp’s sweetly retro designs.

If it’s delightfully sweet, retro inspired clothing that you adore, then you’ll just love the vintage style and rockabilly designs of our seller Dollydripp.

With a collection of designs that mixes retro style with a cute modern twist, creating a range of incredibly unique designs that you’ll adore whatever your alternative style. Whether it’s rockabilly inspired tattoo bomber jackets, vampy pin up polka dot dresses, or punk inspired tartan dresses, you’ll find an outstanding range of clothing and accessories in their collection.

We caught up with our seller, and the designer behind Dollydripp, Sarah Louise Richards, to find out more about her designs, and her work in the fashion industry.

As a designer who first started out studying fashion design, what sparked your initial interest in the world of fashion?


Not just alternative clothing, Dollydripp’s range also features some striking alt friendly sleepwear.

It all started when I was around 6 or 7, my parents bought me a Fashion Wheel for Christmas and that’s where the obsession began! For those who weren’t around in the Eighties, a Fashion Wheel was embossed fashion figure plates that were interchangeable. You rubbed over it with a black ink roller and were left with the outline which you could then colour in however you liked. I eventually I got bored with the same combinations so I started drawing my own designs. I used to tear up my school books for scrap paper to draw on! My parents thought it was just a phase and that I’d grow out of it but thankfully the opposite happened. They noticed that I had a passion for design and they really encouraged it, which I am so grateful for.

Having spent some time working within the fashion industry what made you decide to launch your own label, and what drew you towards the world of alternative fashion?

Bad luck! I was made redundant in 2010, right in the middle of the recession and I struggled to find any job let alone another design job. I had already started to become a bit disillusioned with the fashion industry and I felt my job was really just knocking off catwalk garments. There’s not a lot of room for creative freedom, especially when you are designing for high street brands like I was. The designs that did end up in the shops never looked like your original idea because it was all about keeping costs down.


Take in a pinch of classic rockabilly style, with this tattoo heart bomber jacket.

Eventually I went on The Princes Trust Explore Enterprise course and that started me off on the road to self employment and my business. If I couldn’t find a job I’d just create one!

Alternative fashion was the obvious choice for me as that’s the world I live. Music is another passion of mine and I spent most of my early twenties going to gigs and rock clubs, so I’ve always been around alternative people. It felt like the most natural thing to do.

Your designs have a wonderful touch of rockabilly and vintage style to them, what inspires you when creating your designs?

I love vintage and historical fashion and costume, especially the 1950’s and 1960’s. I love the cute styles and shapes of the 1950’s, but I get a bit bored of seeing similar style clothing in the same type of prints that lack a bit of individuality. I want to give those styles a modern spin and make people realize not everything retro has to come in polka dots!

I follow the catwalks to stay informed, but I don’t follow trends really. I draw a lot of inspiration from books, music, films and art. I try to mix all these influences to create something that I would want to wear.


Dollydripp’s range also includes some stylish jewellery & homewares.

You have such a great collection of designs to date, do you have any particular favourites?

I have a love/hate relationship with a lot of my designs! I start off really excited about them but by the time I’ve gone through the sampling process to get them right I can’t stand the sight of them! I guess my favourite is the Anchor Swing Dress as it was one of my first designs and has been so popular, probably because of the wonderful images of Missy Poison wearing it.

You have a great selection of designs with not just clothing, but jewellery and homewares too, are there any plans to expand your designs even further in the future?

There are a few possibilities I’m considering. I will be expanding my jewellery line to include rings and earrings by the end of the year and I’m looking into to getting notebooks, bags and even coasters printed.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

I’ve just started working on some new designs which I can’t say too much about just yet. I’m also finally getting around to adding new colour options to some of my sleepwear items like the ‘Bite Me’ pyjamas which will be available in black very soon.

Find Dollydripp’s latest designs here at I Am Attitude, with a great selection of clothing, accessories and homewares here at the marketplace.