Talking alternative fashion with I Am Attitude seller, Tempest and Serenity.


One of Tempest and Serenity’s beautiful collar designs.

For the perfect statement alternative couture accessories our seller Tempest and Serenity is certainly one to visit. With a range of stunning accessories that will cause many a case of envy, with their dark, feminine and beautifully alluring hand crafted leather designs.

They certainly know what makes for an eye catching, and beautifully detailed piece, with a collection of outstanding designs ranging from striking, bold body harnesses to lavish studded high necked collars, and stunning armoured collars, that make for the perfect finishing touches to any outfit.

Their collection of exquisitely crafted leather accessories and jewellery will certainly catch your eye, with designs that are perfect to complement any look. We caught up with our seller Tempest and Serenity to find out more about their outstanding range of designs.

You have a beautiful range of accessories, how did you first start out working with leather to create your pieces?

I have always loved leather, it’s a very bold and unexpected material, that gives elegance and structure.

There’s an astounding range of designs amongst your collections, what inspires you when your creating new pieces?

I get inspiration from things or images that most may find dark or sad, or just don’t understand. I believe that even in the darkness, beauty can come out.


A beautiful body harness by Tempest and Serenity here at I Am Attitude.

Each piece is beautifully detailed, they must take quite some time to make! How long can each piece take to perfect?

We believe that every piece that comes out of my studio needed to be as perfect as possible, no matter how long it takes. I owe it to my clients, and my brand to give the best quality and artisanship possible.

Is there anything that you haven’t created yet, that you’re just dying to try out with your next design?

Leather corsets and gloves!!!

Your designs have been featured in some beautiful editorials, how do you find such wonderful creatives to work with to bring out the best in your designs?

The internet is a wonderful source for ALT brands, designer, artist, stylist, etc.. to find each other and work together.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

We are working on more lavish and bolder chokers, harnesses, and jewelry. We will be soon introducing our new leather thigh high leg chain accessories pieces.

You’ll find a great selection of Tempest and Serenity’s designs here at the marketplace, from beautiful body harnesses to lavish studded collars; shop the full range here at I Am Attitude.