Talking alternative jewellery with I Am Attitude seller, Bijou but Deadly.


A beautiful pendant by Bijou but Deadly.

The world of alternative jewellery is certainly full of inspiring and talented designers, and our seller Bijou but Deadly is one of those wonderfully talented designers, creating a world of beautifully dark, and fascinating jewellery.

With a range of truly unique pieces that will certainly catch your eye, each piece is beautifully detailed and made with precision to create intricately detailed works of wearable art. From beautifully detailed gothic hearts to painted forest scenes, and macabre skeleton crosses, each as detailed and stunning as the last.

We caught up with our seller Bijou but Deadly, to find out more about their unique creations.

You’ve created a beautiful range of dark, alternative pieces, how did you first start out designing jewellery?

Thank you very much! Well.. I started designing jewellery by accident really. I’ve always enjoyed creating things and I was shopping in a craft store for something else entirely when I came across this new paint being demonstrated and bought a few colours. The manufacturers suggested using resin to protect the paint, which I did, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Resin is such a versatile medium and I enjoy trying out new techniques.


Beautiful detailing on Bijou but Deadly’s pendants.

Your created some delightfully dark and whimsical designs, what inspires you when designing new pieces?

Nature is a huge inspiration; I’ve been a keen gardener for many years and just love silhouettes of trees against coloured skies and have incorporated this imagery into quite a few pendant designs. To be honest, anything fairy-like, haunted or gory will pique my interest too! When I was little I loved fairy tales like most children, but I also got ridiculously excited when it was Halloween even though no one I knew then celebrated it in those days. Other than the themes, I guess the materials themselves are a source of inspiration and experimenting with them often leads in a new direction.

Each piece is beautifully hand painted, almost resembling a miniature work of art, it must take a lot of time and concentration to construct each piece of jewellery, how long can it take you to create each piece?

It takes quite a bit of time, especially when trying out a new piece. Another interest I have is building a dollhouse – so working in miniature is something I enjoy and am comfortable with. On average, the miniature scenes have six or seven alternating layers of paint and resin, but the pendants in the signature range, Forest Macabre, are the most complex with nine layers of paint and resin. Each coat of resin takes about 12 hours to dry before being able to paint on it – so there’s a large amount of waiting in between.


Bijou but Deadly’s beautiful Poison Ivy ring.

A lot of your pieces are hand made using resin that looks so beautifully clear, almost like glass – just how do you get each piece looking so perfectly cast and created?

Just practice really! The most important thing when using resin is to mix it slowly but thoroughly, and also work with it in a warm environment. Resin can be quite fussy – it doesn’t like the cold, heat or humidity. It’s also important to use a good quality mould and then sand away any sharp edges. Sometimes, it does require a bit of “babysitting” to keep a check on any drips or over-spills.

You’ve recently shown a beautiful new steampunk piece that you’ve been working on with your fans online, can we expect to see a steampunk collection sometime in the future?

I hope so – it’s a theme I keep coming back to but haven’t got quite right yet – I’m working on some more ideas at the moment.


Bijou but Deadly’s beautiful Poison Ivy necklace.

You have quite a range of collections with your jewellery, do you have any particular favourites to date?

My favourite collection is Forest Macabre, but I also like the Poison Ivy heart and butterfly. Out of all the pendants I’ve made, the winter stag scene is probably the one I’ve enjoyed painting the most.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

There’s a lot of themes I’d like to explore and I want to make bracelets and more rings in the future. Swarovski have recently released some very cool looking beads and crystals which I’d  like to incorporate into the retro and gothic collections. Thanks for interviewing me and I look forward to bringing some new items to I Am Attitude in the near future!

You can find a wide selection of Bijou but Deadly’s beautiful designs here at the marketplace, from detailed pendants and necklaces, to stunning rings, shop the full range here at I Am Attitude.