Talking Alternative Jewellery With I Am Attitude Seller Nocturne

Wiccan Jewelry Set - Circlet And Ring by Nocturne

Wiccan Jewelry Set – Circlet And Ring by Nocturne

If it’s beautifully detailed gothic jewellery that your looking for then you really can’t go wrong with one of our seller Nocturne’s pieces of stunning jewellery.

With a range that’s eye catching and incredibly unique, you’ll find plenty to tempt, whether it’s a winged necklace, or a beautiful circlet head piece, there’s certainly plenty of unique pieces that you’ll adore.

We caught up with our seller  Nocturne to find out more about their striking designs, and alternative creations.

You’ve created quite a range of beautifully designed pieces, how did you first start out creating jewellery?

It all started as soon as I finished school, back in 2010. I wanted to buy some gothic jewellery but I realized I couldn’t afford them. We were discussing this with my partner and we came up with a crazy idea – buy some beads and laces and make some jewellery for me. What we didn’t know at that time, is that our new hobby would become something big 6 months later.

There’s some beautiful gothic and fantasy styled pieces amongst your range, what inspires you when creating new pieces?

There are a lot of things that inspire us when making a new design. We are mostly influenced by gothic culture but also movies and series like Lord of the Rings or Game of thrones.

Just looking at your designs you can tell that a lot of care and attention has gone into making each item, how long can it take you to create each piece?

It takes a lot of time to finish our pieces, usually 2-3 days because we need to test that everything is alright. But when making a new design, it could take months.

Blood Red Vampire Gothic Necklace With Wings by Nocturne

Blood Red Vampire Gothic Necklace With Wings by Nocturne

You’ve built up quite a collection of jewellery, do you have any particular favourites that you’ve designed?

Yes we do have some favourites, like our latest Swarovski ring and the ‘Pulsar’ necklace, which was the first piece we created in our current style.

Is there anything that you haven’t created yet, that you’re just dying to try out with your next design?

Yes, I love big headdresses with horns and flowers! We’ve already made some experiments and created a one horned headdress for a photoshoot but it’s not available for sale yet, we feel that we there is room to improve in this.

You have some really beautiful images to showcase your jewellery being modelled, how do you find such wonderful creatives to work with to bring out the best in your designs?

Our first collaborations started in early 2012, with our first model being Maria Amanda. At that time, we were very active on and we were looking for people to model for us, but we were too shy to ask anyone. We did make some collaborations via Deviantart but it was not until we found Gothic and Amazing, that we began to work with models and photographers on a basis. We found so many talented people to work with.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

We’re currently working on making big headdresses and other extravagant pieces for stage and photoshoots, so as soon as they are ready for sale, you will find them in our IAMA shop.

Find Nocturne’s gorgeous range of jewellery here at our marketplace, where you’ll find a selection of unique, and intricately detailed pieces of jewellery.

Image credits:
Wiccan jewelery set photographed by Vicki Jacobson, modelled by Miss Mandy
Blood Red Vampire Necklace photographed by Heiner Seemann, modelled by La Esmeralda, with hair & make up by La Esmeralda, corset by V-Couture.