Talking alternative jewellery with I Am Attitude seller, Atomic Lace.


A pin up purrfect piece with Atomic Lace’s Meow necklace.

You can easily spot Atomic Lace’s colourful and creative pieces, with a range of jewellery designs that are incredibly unique and stylish. With a signature look that makes them instantly recognizable, you’ll want to snap up one of their amazingly kawaii and bold designs.

Everything is designed and made by hand, making for an incredibly unique and alternative range of jewellery designs, ranging from the cute and creepy, to the dark and delightfully sweet. Whether it’s Witchy familiar cat necklaces, or kawaii rainbow cloud earrings, whatever your style you’ll find something that you adore from their range.

Finished off with lashings of glitter, you’ll just adore Atomic Lace’s amazing designs, we caught up with our seller Atomic Lace to find out more about their kawaii and creative jewellery.


One of Atomic Lace’s delightfully dark pieces.

You have an amazing range of alternative pieces, how did you first start out designing jewellery?

It all started with my artwork! I knew I wanted to do something with my art and designs and it seemed that incorporating them with fashion would be perfect. I was putting together two things I loved! I started out making my tiny round earrings, which I still make today, but after a lot of trial and error I went on to creating rings, necklaces, and more from my designs.

You’ve created some wonderfully creative, cute and unique designs, what inspires you when designing new pieces?

I find inspiration all over the place and I love that! I could be doing the most random or mundane things and a new idea pops into my head out of nowhere! A lot of my ideas start off very simple, but then I expand on my initial concept  adding to the design, maybe pairing it with a cute saying, and on and on! I’m also extremely inspired by the people around me, whether loved ones I’m close to who encourage me, people I’m collaborating with, or other artists and creatives I run across. There are so many amazing people out there and every day I find someone who gives me motivation in one way or another to keep moving forward, and makes me happy to be doing what I love.

There’s some amazing illustrations on your jewellery, not to mention the cute glittery backgrounds! It must take a lot of time to construct each piece of jewellery, how long can it take you to create each piece?

It takes a few days, sometimes up to a week, to finish a piece. It sounds like a long time, but a lot of it is just waiting for layers of resin to dry. For someone as impatient as I am I’m surprised I chose to work with this medium, but when I see the end result of a new design that turned out the way I had envisioned, it’s worth the wait!


Taking in some gamer geek chic with Atomic Lace’s necklaces.

You sketch your own illustrations with your jewellery designs, are there any plans to take your artwork beyond jewellery to other pieces in the future?

Yes!!!! I’ve actually been working on shirts and hair accessories!! I’m hoping to have at least a couple of the hair pins ready soon, and if all goes well those will be followed by bows with my artwork printed on them, along with barrettes featuring a few brand new resin creations. The clothing has been a bit more complicated. It’s definitely been a long process for me, from going through tons of styles and fits of shirts, to even just figuring out how to get my artwork onto the clothing. I want it to be something I’m in love with before I officially present it!

You have quite a range of collections with your jewellery, do you have any particular favourites to date?

I’m always excited about whatever piece I’m working on at the moment and often say the latest pieces are my favorites, but I actually have a soft spot for my Familiar Cat Necklaces. The artwork for those is what kind of kicked off a lot of my other designs. After I created the art for that one, and was happy with how the finished resin charms turned out, I was really excited to work on more art of that similar style! That witchy little cat definitely has a place in my heart!


One of the many wonderfully illustrated pieces of jewellery in Atomic Lace’s collection.

There’s been some wonderfully creative shoots and collaborations with your designs recently, how do you find such wonderful creatives to work with to bring out the best in your designs?

Honestly I think a lot of it has just been luck to have worked with everyone I have! I was way too shy to approach people in the beginning because I thought “why would anyone want to photograph or model my pieces?” I mean I loved what I was creating, but I was just starting out and didn’t think people who had been doing this longer than I had would want to work with me. I’m so grateful to have had so many amazing models and photographers ask me to collaborate with them and I can never thank them enough, not only for the amazing images they’ve produced with my pieces, but just for the confidence they’ve given me to keep going and to believe in myself. It’s because of them I’ve recently started to reach out to people myself who I’ve been wanting to work with. Everyone has been so sweet and amazing! Yes, I definitely can say I think I’ve lucked out in that way!

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

I’m working on lots of cutesy stuff like geeky pieces, kawaii animals, some more mermaid and unicorn inspired designs, and I’ve been having a lot of fun creating food related art lately so more of that as well I’m sure! Whatever designs are ready to go next I can guarantee you’ll see a lot more big eyed creatures and as much glitter as possible!

Find Atomic Lace’s latest designs here at I Am Attitude, with a great selection of jewellery from colourful earrings, to darkly sweet necklaces and kawaii rings.

Image credits:
Meow necklace –
Model/MUA: Alexandra Merino (AKA AlexandraMetalClown)
Photography: Bloom Boudoir

Gamer necklace –
Model: Lady Katastrophic
Stylist/Photographer: Kat Krawczuk