Talking alternative jewellery with I Am Attitude seller, Mysticum Luna.


Mysticum Luna’s range includes plenty of striking and unique jewellery designs.

Be mesmerized by the beautifully spellbinding jewellery of Mysticum Luna, with a collection that draws in notes of dark alternative style mixed in with the occult and the mystical world of wicca.

With a range of eye catching and striking designs that are perfect for any alternative look, from their beautiful multistranded Coven layer necklace, to sleek statement pieces like their Witch rings. You’ll certainly want to sink your claws into their stunning designs.

We caught up with our seller Mysticum Luna to find out more about their creations.

You have a stunning range of jewellery designs, how did you first start out with Mysticum Luna, & what drew you towards creating jewellery?

I started Mysticum Luna whilst at uni, not for money, not for a hobby, but literally just because I couldn’t find the items I wanted anywhere – so I made them. I studied Music Journalism but I’ve always been into arts and crafts and have a very creative side. Although Music Journalism is my passion, it is equal to my jewellery now and I’m going back to college next year to learn the art of metal casting and other silversmith techniques – how exciting!


Not just beautiful designs, Mysticum Luna’s jewellery also features healing crystals as part of the design.

You’ve created a beautiful range of mystical inspired jewellery & accessories, what inspires you when creating new pieces?

I don’t really have a straightforward answer for this one, it will appear out of nowhere in my brain and I’ll get really excited and focus all my energy into it, then move onto the next. I’m very sporadic with my designing and usually don’t write or draw anything, just make. I’ve never been good at art and I’m not great at drawing but I’ve started doodling my ring designs now as I have to send them to a manufacturer to have them made, but not for long!

There’s been a huge increase in interest in all things occult and mystical of late, have you noticed an increased interest in your wares as we’ve been drawn towards all things dark & mystical?

Absolutely, especially when it comes to Wicca / Witchy items, people are really wearing it proudly. I think my own personal flare that I put into the jewellery is becoming more confident over time, and I love all things dark and occult, so keep your eyes on the new range…


Mysticum Luna’s striking Coven layer necklace.

There’s some beautiful natural stone pendants amongst your designs, as well as being stunning statement pieces, what are the benefits of wearing these healing stones?

Healing stones have different properties to everyone. Quartz is one of my favourites as it is beautiful and with a brain like mine, I’m grateful for a little clarity now and then. I’m working on a more educational side to Mysticum Luna at the moment, including crystal information Vlogs, our first blog should hopefully launch before Christmas.

You have a great selection of jewellery & accessories here at the marketplace, are there any plans to expand your ranges even further?

Well we are definitely expanding the home section, new pillow cases, candles etc! Hopefully going further into clothing too, I’m just teaching myself to screen print at the moment so we will see how that one goes. We have just started with our wholesale range so are working really hard to produce the products on a much larger scale, our latest order includes 54 candles!

You’ve built up a stunning collection with your designs, do you have any particular favourites?

My favourite is the WITCH ring, and its sister ring which will be revealed late October. I think this is because I love rings, they are such a great statement and I’m really putting everything into making my own designs at the moment so it all feels a lot more personal. I’ve had a lot of feedback and I’ve listened!

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

Lots more rings, more 925 silver, more witchyness and designs you won’t see anywhere else!

You can find a wide selection of Mysticum Luna’s beautiful designs here at the marketplace, from detailed necklace and chokers, to stunning rings, shop the full range here at I Am Attitude.