Talking corsetry with I Am Attitude seller, Gore Couture


One of Gore Couture’s beautifully macabre corset designs.

You won’t find a more imaginative and inventive corset than the delightfully macabre corsets designed by Gore Couture. With corsets that are incredibly unique and beautifully detailed, you’ll certainly cause many a case of envy whilst wearing their bespoke creations.

Gore Couture’s designer Krissy Gore, has been creating her wonderfully unique range of corsets for many years, and with designs that take a pinch of the macabre and the horrific, sprinkled with plenty of glitter and gore, it’s no surprise that her corsets are much-coveted worldwide.

From the eye catching Dolly Death corset, with it’s decapitated doll heads, to the beautifully holographic Cold Blooded corset and the classic Pandora latex corset, each corset is as unique as the last.

We caught up with our seller Gore Couture, to find out more about her wonderful designs.

You’ve been designing your beautifully macabre corsets for quite some time now, how did you first start out?

I’ve been making clothing and corsetry for many, many years for myself and working for other well known companies. Gore Couture was a natural progression, and a vision of two people back in 2008. I met up with Miss Fiendish who at the time was creating some incredible PVC prints and painted shoes. We shared a love of horror and the macabre. I was already creating Couture Corsetry so we combined the two and came up with Gore Couture. GC is now just myself creating all the designs, prints and embellishments in house. Miss Fiendish is still a dear friend and a creative inspiration.


Each corset is beautifully detailed, making for an alternative couture piece to treasure.

Your corset designs are both delightfully horrific and intricately beautiful, what inspires you when designing new pieces?

I take inspiration from what I love and perceive to be beautiful, the darker side of life and death, things of which cannot be explained. Music, sci-fi, glamour and the desire to give the customer something which reflects a little bit of themselves. I put a lot of emotion in to my pieces, and the way I’m feeling at the time I’m creating it, so I would say that emotion is a massive inspiration. This is my art and not just my corsetry.

A lot of your corsets are incredibly detailed, they must take quite some time to make! How long can each corset take to perfect? And are any particular designs quite a challenge to construct?

Most of my designs have actually been in creation for a number of years, and have taken that long to come to life. The whole process for me is exciting and takes up a lot of my time. If it is a custom creation for a client we will discuss in length the design, and what materials will be used and sampling, to see what fabrics and custom prints would work together.

Obviously taking measurements is a very important part of the process of which I can make a mock up sample of the whole corset and send to the client for a long distance fitting if needed.


Gore Couture’s beautifully detailed Underwater Love corset.

You’ve expanded the range of corsets to a beautiful selection of matching neck corsets, are there any other plans to expand your designs even further in the future?

I have so many plans to expand GC further with more clothing and accessories, but most of my time is spent designing and creating bespoke corsets for my returning customers, and I’m happy with that at the moment. I will never say never though!

You’ve done some amazing collaborations over the years, what’s been the most exciting collaboration that you’ve worked on, & is there anyone that you’d just love to work with?

They have all been pretty fantastic collaborations really, I can’t say which was my favourite. Each one has it’s own magic and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people. I still think fondly of the very first shoot we did for Gore Couture that we did with Daz from Darklens, it was perfect and exactly what we planned. All collaborations are very intoxicating and exciting. I absolutely love working with my friend Mark Leary from ASYLUMseventy7, we have done quite a few colabs, his photography and art just blow me away. If he said lets shoot tomorrow, I would drop everything and create something for it.
I want to work again with my good friend and Muse – Minty on the Amelia’s Diary project, Minty brought to life Amelia, a character I created from the design of a corset I made around the Diary of a Serial Killer. It’s not just about the corset for me, I like to bring a whole theme alive!
I’ve recently done a collaboration with the band Venal Flesh which has been great. Hopefully Vanity Kills from the band will be joining in with the Amelia’s Diary Project, that, I really look forward to!


Gore Couture’s stunning Inverted cross corset.

Alongside creating your own designs, you’ve made some stunning custom corsets over the years, what do you enjoy the most with your custom work and do you have a particular favourite from your custom work to date?

I love bringing ideas to life for my customers. Getting to know them, their likes and dislikes, its almost like therapy! It’s great when they throw new challenges at me. I also like to surprise them with new ideas that they probably would not have thought of to begin with.

Most of my time is taken up with this kind of work. I’m working on a custom corset at the moment for a lovely client one of which has been a real challenge for me, I could say this is my favourite, but in all honesty I have loved them all. I remember making a bridal corset a while back for a client, I created a flock print of clock hands on satin to match the brides head dress, that was visually one of my favourites.

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

I have a few new designs and prints in the pipeline particularly with I Am Attitude in mind, of course these will be fully customisable and made to measure. Each and every one of my designs can be altered to suit my customers wants and needs in true Horror Couture while still focussing on well made, tight lacing garments.

Want to sink your claws into one of Krissy’s beautiful corsets? You’ll find a wide selection of her bespoke corsetry here at I Am Attitude.