Talking latex with I Am Attitude seller Black Sheep Latex

Latex Halterneck Polka Dot Mini Dress by Black Sheep Latex

Latex Halterneck Polka Dot Mini Dress by Black Sheep Latex

When it comes to creative latex clothing, our marketplace seller Black Sheep Latex certainly knows what makes for the perfect outfit. If you want an eye catching, and gorgeous curve hugging latex design, then you’ll find them here amongst their latest pieces.

From the quirky foxy dress, to the sleek backless mini dress, each design is wonderfully unique, daring, and incredibly stunning, if you want to dress yourself up in some slinky latex then you really can’t go wrong with snapping up one of their pieces. We caught up with our seller Black Sheep Latex to find out more about their striking designs, and alternative creations.

You’ve been creating wonderfully eye catching and fantastical latex creations for some time now, how did you first start out?

Thank you! I’ve always been around dress makers in my family, my gran first taught me to sew on her old Singer machine, and my Mum makes her own clothes too so I knew how to put patterns together and shape clothes. I started making latex outfits for myself after becoming assistant to – and very good friends with – a fantastic alternative photographer, Dean Wilkinson. Polishing lots of latex clad model’s bums sparked off a great love of the material with it’s sparkling shine and curve fitting properties!

I started Black Sheep Latex in early 2012 and it quickly grew from making a few things in the evening for friends, to selling to people all over the world! A year later I was able to give up my job as a microbiologist and work with rubber full time.

From perfect pin up attire, to startlingly wonderful cosplay creations, you’ve created such a broad range of designs, what inspires you when creating new pieces?

My personal favorite look is the pin up, and I’m very inspired by 50’s styles, full circle dresses, halterneck high waisted bikinis etc, they seem to flatter women’s bodies so perfectly, enhancing rather than disguising curves.

Other designs tend to just pop into my head while I’m working, or out for a walk, so I have to quickly sketch them down before I forget!

Cosplay outfits can be really fun to make too, Poison Ivy is always popular, as is Harley Quinn and Supergirl, but I’ve still got a soft spot for one of my first designs, the fox mini dress with it’s cute gloves and ears 🙂

Latex is such as huge market at the moment, but you really make your clothing stand out, not just with your striking designs, but you also use chlorinated latex to create your designs, what benefits does this give the wearer when compared to standard latex fabric?

Chlorinated latex is the best thing ever! Normal latex is sticky when washed and can need lots of talcum powder or lubricants to get dressed, which can be messy and leave white marks.

Latex Capri Pants / Leggings With Bows by Black

Latex Capri Pants / Leggings With Bows by Black Sheep Latex

When latex is chlorinated it becomes very smooth and doesn’t stick to itself or you, making dressing a joy! The clothing is still tight but slides onto your skin far more easily, and is much more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

You’ve created some truly amazing custom pieces for clients, what gets you excited with each new custom piece, and do you have a particular favourite from your custom work to date?

Custom orders are a huge part of my business, I never know what I’ll be making next! It’s what makes my work so interesting, one day you’re making an zebra striped playsuit, the next a mermaids tail!

Each customer brings new ideas and it’s so good to be able to work with them to get the perfect design and bring it to life. I have a few favorites but I think the current winner is a Lily Munster cosplay bodysuit with transparent spiders web shaped cape, it looked fabulous on!

Is there anything that you haven’t created yet, that you’re just dying to try out with your next design?

That’s a tough one, my sketch book is full of ideas and half drawn designs, unfortunately being a one woman business it can be tough finding time to actually make them! I try to put one day a week aside to develop new pieces but orders have to come first 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll be able to train my 2 cats to make bows and ruffles!

I’m looking forward to putting together some circus themed outfits though, and working more with steel boning to create some structured, corset style creations.

One thing that really stands out with your work, is the wonderful photos that help to show off your designs perfectly, how do you find such wonderful creatives to work with to bring out the best in your designs?

I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends in the business, both photographers and models. The gorgeous Violeteyes has been awesome from the start and makes everything look fantastic, for which I love her!

I try to go more fashion than fetish with the majority of shoots and tend to have a few go-to photographers whose work I adore, but you never know when you’ll spot the perfect model for something. That’s part of the excitement, working with new faces and looks 🙂

What can we expect to see in the future amongst your designs here at I Am Attitude?

I’m looking to add to the latex and lace range at the moment. So far there’s a bra and suspender pants set and a panelled corselette, which has just been featured in Bizarre magazine on the lovely Rayna Terror! Other than that it really could be anything that pops into my head, so keep your eyes peeled!

Find Black Sheep Latex’s stunning designs here at our marketplace, where you’ll find a wide range of latex clothing and accessories whatever your alternative tastes!

Image credits: Polka dot mini dress photographed by David Clic, modelled by Stacey DeVine.

Latex capri pants and top photographed by Dean Wilkinson, modelled by Violeteyes.