The new gothic style

attitude-goth1Something wicked this way comes, as the traditional gothic look takes on a new, more youthful appearance, with a new wave of gothic style that’s certainly catching on fast. Move over back combed hair, winkle picker boots and flowing gothic gowns, this new gothic fashion takes on the darkest of fashion and gives it a bewitching new makeover.

Whilst there is always something that’s captivating about the traditional gothic look, there’s no denying that the new gothic look is certainly eye catching. Gothic fashion is all about the dramatic, and the romantic with a dark undertone, the traditional image of long, flowing Victorian gowns, pale pallors and the blackest of make up has given way to a more youthful appearance, still retaining much of the same classic gothic style that we all recognise, but giving it a more street savvy look.

Heavily inspired by ’90’s culture, the new gothic fashion takes a pinch of inspiration from cult film, The Craft, paying particular attention to Fairuza Balk’s Nancy, with her bewitching baby goth look. Taking staple items

from her characters wardrobe, like those studded dog collars, dark make up, leather jackets and gothic crosse’s, and adding a pinch of the occult influences from the film.

The occult influences are everywhere in the new gothic look, no doubt you’ll have seen the pentagram symbols, Oujia boards, rams head symbols, and inverted crosses emblazoned all over clothing and accessories this summer, even quotes from The Craft have been making it on to clothing, like the much sported ‘Mister we are the weirdos‘ t-shirt dress. Wicca, it would appear, has become incredibly stylish again, and it’s the pinnacle influence on new gothic fashion.

attitude-goth3When has a lavish cross never been stylish though; gothic crosses have always been a key point to gothic fashion, from jewelled cross pendants, to dainty cross earrings, and even as a striking motif on a tight steel boned corset. Gothic crosses will never go out of style when it comes to gothic fashion, and this move to more occult symbols within new gothic fashion is a rather stylish one.

Much like Memento Mori gave rise to stunning Victorian inspired mourning jewellery in the alternative scene, new gothic fashion has made a deathly pallor, crosses, and skulls stylish again.

The key to any good new gothic look is a basic wardrobe of black, and lots of it, from simple dresses, to skin tight trousers, and leggings, leather jackets, and over sized t-shirts; good staple pieces that you’ll already find in gothic fashion. If you want to really turn heads, then t-shirts with occult symbols, inverted crosses, and Memento Mori imagery, will add a strong look to any new gothic outfit. Wrap it up with vintage leather jackets, bell sleeved coats, long black cardigans, with a clip on collar or two.

Alternative fashion favourites like Dr Martens boots, and army para boots, give more of a traditional gothic look to this style, whereas a good pair of heeled leather ankle boots will give more of a feminine look.

Accessorize the new gothic look with plenty of long black beaded necklaces; rosary necklaces are a great touch to this look, silver jewellery with occult symbols are also a great way to go, paying particular attention to the earrings with long, dangling pendants from aztec symbols, to pentagrams. Piercings also look great alongside this look, so dress up your piercings with simple steel balls, and plenty of them. As for rings, the chunkier the better, plenty of silver jewellery will go a long way to finishing off this look.

Much like with the traditional gothic style, dark make up is the way to go, black lipsticks and glosses are a staple for your handbag, if you don’t feel like going all the way with black lipstick, you can opt for a striking dark red, or brown lipstick to complete the look.

It’s almost like gothic daywear, the new gothic look certainly makes it easier to wear striking dark attire with more of a laid back approach, but still plenty of layers and gothic style in abundance throughout the look. Whether you want to take advantage of the occult influenced clothing, black lipstick, or Memento Mori inspired jewellery, there’s a little something for everyone in the new gothic fashion that you can take away and add to your own alternative look. Who knows, you might find a favourite item that gets added to your alternative wardrobe for many years to come. Why not take a look at some of the gothic items from our sellers.

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Nocturne bracelet photographed by Laurentiu TD, post production by Mihaela Voicu, model Elle Pax.