The return of the neon, cyber goth

Those of you old enough to have lived through the first wave of cyber style in the late 90’s will remember it well, the countless day glo, fluorescent outfits, cyberlox falls, and stompy platform trainers, that all too often came with plenty of UV reactive accessories in tow. As the dance-floors gave way to darker tones, and more traditional looks, the cyber goth look was cast aside, but today, an interesting new wave of interest has come about, with a new generation taking to cyber goth fashion.


Cyber fashion is all about bright, neon and UV fluorescent clothing, originally inspired by a mish mash of ’90’s rave culture, and gothic fashion, that went hand in hand with more electronic music from the alternative scene such as EBM. The traditional black clad gothic look was dressed up with neon tones, from vibrant glowing cyberlox falls, to neon boot covers, brightly coloured make up, and reflective patterns on clothing. It soon grew to a more colourful palette of clothing, with UV fabrics used to create otherworldly looking clothing and accessories. Brands like Cyberdog, Dane, Pen and Lolly, and SDL were synonymous with the cyber goth look, many of whom are still going strong today.

The new wave of cyber style isn’t far from it’s predecessor, taking those same vibrant influences, with a more futuristic look. Much like the emergence of the new gothic look, the new cyber look, is all about future fashion.

attitude-cyber1The new cyber goth look takes bright metallic clothing and futuristic patterns, mixing them up with the traditional cyber goth fashion of industrial black clothing, and platform boots. It’s certainly a more muted look compared to the original fluorescent cyber goth fashion, but the initial influences from the ’90’s look are still there.

Gone are the heavy dread falls, replaced with vibrant dyed hair in pastel shades of silver grey, blue, and pink. The make up may be more subtle than in the past, with bright eye make up replaced with black eyeliner, and lashes, but a bold clashing colourful lipstick adds the vibrant touch to the look, anything from bubblegum pink, to ice cold blue, or even a neon yellow, gives that perfect modern cyber look.

As for the rest of the outfit, it could easily have been plucked out of the late ’90’s, you’ll find futuristic prints, metallic body suits and armoury, mesh fabrics, and plenty of pvc, used to create striking looks. Whether it’s with a futuristic take on the crinoline with a hooped metallic skirt, a HR Giger inspired print on a bodycon dress, or a short black skirt adorned with metallic studs. The look is much darker than the cyber goth fashion of the past, but it still leaves a strong impression.

Of course, the one main staple that we all instantly recognise from cyber goth fashion, platform boots, is still there. No modern cyber goth outfit would be complete without a pair of stompy neon, white, or black boots to finish it off, and those of us that are blessed with shortness, will be utterly grateful for the return of the platform boot.  The classic platform boot completes the otherworldly look, with towering 6-9” platforms, adding an eye-catching touch of height, and striking attention to detail to the cyber goth outfit, you certainly won’t get lost in the crowd with a pair of 9” platform trainers.

It’s certainly different to the clashing, neon, look that we all remember from the late ’90’s- early ’00’s, but it’s one that we’re already taking to with much aplomb. Classic designers behind the original wave of cyber goth style are helping to drive the new wave of cyber goth fashion, with the likes of Cyberdog, creating more muted, futuristic designs, in keeping with the new cyber goth look. Exactly how long we can expect to be draping ourselves in metallic fabrics, industrial prints, and mesh sleeves, we don’t know, but we’ll certainly be making the most of this new wave of cyber goth style whilst it lasts.