The sleek and stylish allure of pvc and latex.


    Latex wear can be incredibly sleek and stylish, like these stunning designs by Ammunition Couture.

    What makes the lush sheen of pvc fabric stand out against latex, or the sleek durability of latex easier to slink into than a pvc outfit? For the most stylish of sheens and cutting edge designs you can’t beat a pvc or latex ensemble, but what separates these two stylish fabrics, and what is about their irresistible sheer that we just can’t get enough of!

    It’s like a right of passage, struggling to get out of that first pair of pvc trousers, or that slinky latex dress, we’ve all had our first time trying on a high sheen outfit, whether it’s that stylish pvc corset that you just couldn’t resist or that custom made latex cosplay outfit, we’ve all been drawn towards the irresistible lure of pvc and latex, but what is about these unique fabrics that we just can’t enough of?.

    Pvc and latex have become a staple of alternative style, with many astounding alternative designers trying their hand at some stylish pvc & latex attire. These wonder fabrics are incredibly versatile, especially when it comes to latex, and they create such a high sheen that’s not just stylish, but also makes for a flattering, figure hugging fit, as well as helping to shape some memorable, eye catching designs.

    We all instantly recognize the sheen of each fabric, but what is it that sets them apart? Pvc, or vinyl fabric, creates more of a high gloss sheen compared to latex, it’s a fabric that’s hard wearing and supple, with a reasonable amount of stretch to it, making for a long lasting fabric that’s not just sleek and stylish, but also great for shaping alternative outfits. It’s often lined making for easy wear, but does require a generous application of talc prior to wearing to ensure that your pvc outfit doesn’t stick to you after long periods of wear.


    It’s all about the high gloss, with this pvc bustier top by Shitsville Clothing.

    Latex on the other hand is an amazingly supple and stretchy material, but it does often require an application of silicone oil to help keep that high shine in place. Much like with pvc, it does require a generous application of talc to help you squeeze in and out of your new latex outfit, although with chlorinated latex you can skip this step, as this fabric has been treated making it easier to wear, without the need for layers of talc. Unlike pvc, latex can’t be sewn together, this fabric is bonded together, which makes for a world of creativity when it comes to designs.

    It’s often easy to spot the differences between the two when you look at pvc clothing next to latex wear, there’s much more of a shimmering shine to latex compared to the high gloss shine of pvc. Latex clothing also tends to cling much more than pvc, so you can see why it’s often so preferred for that alluring pin up look!

    You’ll be astounded at some of the amazing designs that you’ll find in these wonder fabrics, our very own sellers such as Black Sheep Latex, Ammunition couture and Shitsville Clothing, have some amazing designs in latex and pvc fabrics, from stylish rockabilly frocks, to gothic skirts and slinky shrug tops, you’ll soon be wanting to snap up plenty of attire for your wardrobe!


    Latex is great for statement pieces, like this stunning gown by Black Sheep Latex.

    Pieces like this Bandage X dress by Black Sheep Latex, make for a great statement piece of latex clothing, or if you prefer the sheen of pvc, try this stunning gothic Bloodsucker dress by Madame Le Goth. Latex and pvc clothing certainly has it’s many uses when it comes to striking alternative attire, you could even adorn the sheer fabric on your big day, with this stunning latex gown by Dawnamatrix.

    It’s not just for alternative womenswear either, with plenty of astounding menswear designs in pvc and latex fabric, like this stylish cyber goth vest top by Barbed Virgin, that would look amazing with any alternative outfit.

    Latex makes for great statement accessories too, like these striking Black and white striped stockings by Cosine Couture, or this stunning spiked latex neck corset by Gore Couture.

    You’ll be amazed at the stunning latex and pvc designs from our sellers here at the marketplace, from stylish dresses, to cutting edge corsets, and even stunning accessories that you’ll just adore!

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