The stylish & gritty age of film noir, Dieselpunk.


Adding stylish military tones to the Dieselpunk look.

Not to be confused with it’s Victorian brethren, Steampunk, Dieselpunk combines the aesthetics of diesel based technology with contemporary technology and style, making for a gritty take on the age of film noir and jazz that’s incredibly stylish.

Imagine a time when WWII never ended, where technology advanced beyond your wildest dreams, film noir was still all the rage, and aviation goggles were always in style. Where steampunk takes a very Victorian sensibility, Dieselpunk goes further ahead in time, taking it’s inspiration from the 1920’s-1940’s, in the age of jazz which gives this style a look that’s gritty and dark, mixing contemporary styles with military influences.

A style that’s wedged between the age of industrial revolution and the 1950’s kitsch of the atomic age, Dieselpunk brings out the best of the era of Diesel technology, and turns the classic 1940’s pin up look around to a much more darker military look.

Dieselpunk isn’t just about fashion, much like Steampunk it’s a term that’s come to be associated with all manners of culture, from gaming to music, films and art. Much like Cyberpunk and Steampunk, it’s taken a similar stance to these other genres, representing another era with it’s roots firmly held in the interwar period. The term itself has come to be associated with alternative culture, often used to describe not just this unique style, but plenty of cult films, games and novels, you’ll instantly recognise this look from the gritty 1920’s style in Bioshock, to the futuristic styles in Sky captain and the world of tomorrow & Dark City.


Classic 1940’s style shapes like pencil & wiggle dresses are perfect for this look.

As a style, Dieselpunk takes on the grime and grit of the interwar era, mixing it with steel and chrome and plenty of accoutrements. Combining styles of the era with contemporary looks, there’s a heavy presence of military styles that would have been worn during the time, often taking that iconic look of peaked caps, sharp suits and aviation goggles, and giving them a dark, gritty makeover. Shades of blacks and greys are often present, with plenty of accessories being the key to completing any Dieselpunk look.

Although the look isn’t strictly all about sleek military cuts and formal attire, it includes a broad range of styles from the era, such as zoot suits, to working class overalls and even touches of art deco decadence are mixed into the look.

It’s certainly a look that allows for plenty of experimentation with your outfit, you could wear a classic cut 1940’s skirt suit with art deco inspired accessories, or a military uniform with snappy accoutrements and aviation sunglasses, with plenty of stylish attire to complete the look from alternative designers.

Piece together a great Dieselpunk outfit with staple pieces like sharp cut shirts, tops and trousers. This black button down shirt by Shitsville Clothing makes for a great piece to add to any Dieselpunk outfit, finish it off with a great pair of trousers, these high waist tuxedo swing trousers by Fallen Feathers take a classic 1940’s shape that’s perfect for this look.


Adding a futuristic twist to the Dieselpunk look with this sleek shrug by EchoDecay.

Items that stay true to the style of the era are perfect to add to your Dieselpunk outfit, try pencil cut and wiggle dresses to add a touch of 40’s style to that outfit. This Wiggle dress with striped collar by Tempesta Couture adds a unique twist to the Dieselpunk look, whilst still keeping to the classic style of the era.

Individual pieces really bring the look together, items like corsets, utility belts, jackets and hats can complete the Dieselpunk look perfectly. Add a touch of classic jazz inspired style to your outfit with this Theda feathered hat by Sakura Designs, or go for military precision with this Military army cap by Cherrytiki. Finish the look with off with a sleek shrug top, this faux leather black fitted bolero shrug by EchoDecay adds a great finishing touch to the look.

However you want to complete your look in Dieselpunk style, you’ll find some great pieces from our sellers here at the marketplace, whether it’s a stylish military cut top, a unique piece of millinery or a sleek pencil skirt, you’ll find plenty of Dieselpunk inspired attire for your look.

Image credits:
Top image via Deviantart.
Photographer/Edit – Lavina Lane
Cap – Atelier Jan Schäfer
Model/MuHa/Outfit – MADmoiselle Méli H

Middle image:
Model – Ruby Fortune
Photographer – Miss Rain Photography