Turning alternative lingerie into stylish outerwear.


Make a bold statement by layering lingerie harnesses over your outfit.

Turn your wardrobe inside out as alternative lingerie makes for a stylish change, and becomes one of the most eye catching accessories to adorn. Lingerie as outerwear is nothing new, but a selection of alternative designers have been taking classic pieces like garters, bodysuits and bras, and turning them into something entirely different, creating a stylish and unique alternative look.

Taking a piece of staple lingerie and wearing it as stylish outerwear isn’t exactly new, we’ve been wearing corsets over our alternative attire for decades now, but in recent years it’s taken a new direction, as we’ve taken to wearing body harnesses, stylish bras, and corselettes as outerwear, whether it’s layered on top of our outfits, or worn alone as part of a striking piece of clubwear, alternative lingerie has certainly become the most stylish accessory that you can adorn!


Great pieces like this leather harness by Tempest and Serenity are just perfect for this look.

The trend for wearing alternative lingerie as outerwear has certainly stepped up a notch of late, with talented alternative designers, like our very own sellers, Tempest and Serenity, and ROHMY, taking classic lingerie designs and turning them into something entirely new, whether it’s a leather body harness to wear over your favourite latex dress, or a striking ropework body suit to complete your look, alternative lingerie can add an entirely new look to your favourite outfit, as well as creating a striking, eye catching look that looks great both on and off the dancefloor.

It’s not just for fetishwear, or daring clubwear outfits though, alternative lingerie can add a unique touch to any look, from wearing a simple garter belt over a skirt to layer up your outfit, or wearing a simple body harness over a plain top to create a striking look.

However you choose to wear the lingerie as outerwear trend, you can create an entirely new look with a few staple pieces of alternative lingerie. An incredibly easy way to wear this alternative trend is to take a classic garter belt and layer it over an a-line or pencil skirt, it looks great when wearing a contrasting colour.

Layer up items, by wearing torn tights and stockings with a pair of these leg harnesses by Tempesta Couture, they look great when worn with an oversized top for a punk inspired look. Body harnesses are another great way to layer up this look, try this leather body harness with o rings by Tempest and Serenity, or this bold body cage harness by Zolnar, both look great worn over bold latex dresses, or body suits.


Cheat and wear a pair of garter style leggings to create the lingerie as outerwear look with ease.

A striking way to wear the lingerie as outerwear trend is with a bold statement piece, this ropework bodysuit by ROHMY is just perfect for this look, wear it over pleather leggings with a vest top for an incredibly stylish alternative look.

An incredibly easy way to recreate the lingerie as outerwear look is with a simple bralette top, wear it over your outfit to create an instantly stylish look, pieces like this Miss Net bralette by Agoraphobix are perfect for this look.

If you don’t fancy layering up too much you can cheat a little and create the perfect lingerie as outerwear look with these stylish faux stocking garter latex leggings by Black Sheep Latex, wear them with a crop top, or bralette for a stylish alternative look.

However you decide to wear the alternative lingerie as outerwear trend, you’ll find a stylish selection of alternative lingerie, from garters, to bralettes and harnesses from our sellers here at the marketplace.

Image credits
ROHMY rope bodysuit:
Model: Mrs. Gravedigger
Photographer: Ana Lora Photoart

Black Sheep Latex leggings:
Model: Neola Pejda
Photographer: Dean Wilkinson