Turning heads with stylish alternative millinery.


A stylish way to dress up your look with this Tiki fascinator by Sakura Millinery.

Alternative millinery has never been more stylish, with plenty of inspiring and amazing creative designs by talented milliners on the alternative fashion scene. From lavish burlesque style fascinators, to gorgeously gothic top hats, alternative millinery can add the perfect finishing touch to any look, and it’s an incredibly easy way to accessorize your alternative style.

Whether it’s a showstopping fascinator, or a quirky alternative hat that your after, you’ll find plenty of stylish alternative hats to choose from whatever your alternative style. With a vast and wonderfully varied selection of alternative milliners creating stunning hats and alternative fascinators, alternative millinery has never been more stylish, and it’s the creative designers behind the very hats that are helping to bring alternative millinery into the limelight. Even our very own seller, Pearls & Swine, has ruffled a few feathers at the likes of Ascot, with her stylish creations leaving a lasting impression, and inspiring countless others to snap up a piece of unique alternative millinery.

Proving that millinery isn’t just for weddings, or lavish events, alternative milliners have brought millinery into the everyday, with a selection of stylish hats, fascinators and clips that you could easy get away with at the office or for a day trip. Alternative millinery is incredibly easy to wear, and far more accessible than you’d initially expect, with many designers creating pieces to suit any budget, you could snap up a stylish rockabilly inspired fascinator, or a steampunk hat for far less than you’d initially expect.


Turn heads with this stunning headdress by Vagabond Couture.

Alternative millinery is a great way to dress up your look, it’s all about how you wear it, and how you accessorize it with your outfit. Stylish hair clips are an easy way to add a touch of millinery to any look, a simple snap clip, or hair slide is affixed to the back of the design to allow for easy wear, simply clip it on over your hair style and you’re done! Hair clips are a great way to dress up any alternative look with ease, and you’ll find some wonderfully creative alternative styles to go for, why not choose this beautiful steampunk floral clip by Cuttlefishlove to dress up any steampunk outfit, or this pretty glitter flower clip by Pearls & Swine for a summery rockabilly look.

Fascinators are the next step up from hair clips, these are far easier to wear than you’d initially expect, with many alternative fascinators placed onto a hair comb for easy wear. With comb based fascinators simply slide the comb into your hair style to hold it in place, some fascinators may come with an elastic band attached to tuck under your hair and pin in place, whereas others may need holding in place with some bobby pins and grips. Simply slide the hair pin through the hat and into your hair, using several to keep it in place, a quick spray with some hairspray will help to keep both your hair style, and the fascinator in place.

Fascinators are a wonderful way to dress up your look, often varying in style from the simple and elegant, such as shaped hats with bows, to the lavish with towering feathered burlesque pieces. This Tiki fascinator by Sakura Millinery adds a touch of rockabilly style to any look, whilst this Mr Creepy fascinator by Pearls & Swine adds a touch of dapper style to any steampunk or vintage inspired look.


A stylish hair clip is an easy way to add some alternative millinery to your look.

Alternative hats are an easy way to dress up your look, these come in many classic styles from the world of millinery that you’ll recognize straight away, such as Victorian styled top hats and Vintage styled pillbox hats. Many hats are simply worn on top of your hair style, whereas some may come with an attached elastic band to secure around the back of your head with some hair grips. Simply pop the hat on and your look is complete!

This gothic rose top hat by Maison de Cantern adds an instant touch of gothic style to your outfit, for an elegant Victorian gothic look this Mina hat by Sakura Millinery is inspired by Dracula’s Mina, making for the perfect period piece.

If it’s something with a bit more ‘oomph‘ that you fancy, then an alternative headdress is the way to go, these are the most lavish pieces of alternative millinery, often towering over other hats to leave a lasting impression with your look. These are great showpieces, perfect for burlesque, and special occasions, especially when you want to make a great impression! This Feather headdress by Metamorph Quirky Couture adds a creative touch to any look, and one that will certainly draw plenty of attention, for a truly showstopping look try this Boudicca headdress by Vagabond Couture with it’s towering feathers and stylish period shape, making it perfect for festival season, as well as nightclubs.

Whatever the occasion, you’ll find the perfect piece of alternative millinery to complete your look, from daywear to clubwear, and showstopping burlesque pieces, you’ll find plenty of showstopping and stylish alternative millinery from our sellers here at the marketplace that will certain turn heads!