Unique and Inspiring Steampunk Style Clothing


The perfect pieces to put together a steampunk outfit, starting with this bustle skirt by CutesyKink.

Steampunk fashion has certainly been making waves in the world of alternative fashion, with it’s romantic Victorian style and whimsical look at the age of steam, it’s no wonder that this historical yet futuristic style has caught our eye.

Yes, steampunk has certainly caught our attention, whether it’s adding a pop of antiqued colour to the dancefloors of goth clubs, standing out as a major plot point in TV series (like popular U.S drama series Castle), or helping to shape a very steampunk styled music video, as seen in top violinist Lindsey Stirling’s viral video for “Roundtable Rival”; steampunk it would appear has become as popular an alternative style as goth.

When steampunk isn’t causing duels to the death on Castle, it’s certainly helped to create a memorable and stylish take on the Wild West, in Lindsey Stirling’s viral video for “Roundtable Rival”. Peppered with steampunk imagery throughout, including a rather musicial twist on the great Western dual, that may not be entirely steampunk in it’s style, but can easily be forgiven for it’s visually stunning guitars vs violins showdown.

Steampunk is a style that’s helped to inspire many with it’s romantic visions of a technological driven Victorian era, and when you can adorn a cogwork prop gun in an antique style holster, with a stylish pair of bloomers, bustle skirts, corsets, and top hats to boot, it’s clear to see why this incredibly creative alternative look has captured the imagination of so many.

Just taking a look at the beautifully ruffled bustle skirt in Lindsey’s video, you instantly want to snap up her outfit off the screen and adorn it for yourself, thankfully steampunk style clothing is incredibly easy to pick up today, with many alternative designers creating their own take on victorian steampunk clothing.


A beautiful steampunk inspired corset by Basque and Glory.

There’s plenty of great pieces of steampunk style clothing by our own selection of sellers here at I Am Attitude, with items that you’ll want to snap up to create the perfect steampunk outfit. As good a place to start as any, is with a great bustling skirt to create the Victorian silhouette, you could easily create the appearance of more volume in the skirt by layering pieces up, this white lace skirt for instance would team up perfectly underneath this open front steampunk skirt; both by seller CutesyKink, to create a voluminous steampunk skirt.

Tie the look in with a steampunk style blouse like this white lace blouse with ruched sleeves by Nychta, completing the look with a corset on top, like this detailed steampunk corset by Basque and Glory. For a more dramatic look, you could wear a victorian jacket on top, finished off with the perfect pair of knee high boots, like these embellished Valda boots by Hades Footwear.

There’s certainly many ways to wear the steampunk look, whether you choose to wear a dressed down skirt suit with a corset, or a bustling skirt complete with an abundance of accessories. With plenty of Victorian steampunk clothing to browse from for inspiration for your outfit, you’ll really be spoilt for choice!

Accessories really do make the outfit, and you can find plenty of steampunk style jewelry from our sellers to help create the perfect steampunk outfit. With lots of steampunk inspired pieces by sellers like SteamRetro and Sleepless Storyteller, helping to piece together the perfect steampunk look.

For some great pieces of steampunk style jewelry, why not try a few signature pieces that are steampunk in style, like this beautiful cogwork ring by SteamRetro, or this antique style floral necklace by Sleepless Storyteller, both great pieces to finish off any steampunk look.

Men needn’t feel left out of this stylish look either, with a great selection of steampunk styled items by our sellers, like this stylish waistcoat by Abeautifulpalegreen, and stunning victorian style cufflinks by Outer Cross, helping to shade the perfect steampunk outfit.

It’s never been easier to create your own steampunk inspired look with plenty of Victorian steampunk clothing and accessories to shop from online. Why not take a look around at our sellers own selections of steampunk inspired clothing and accessories, and see what wonderful items you can find to piece together your own steampunk look.