Accessories for cyber goth and cyberpunk. Cyberlox, cyberpunk and cyber punk hair, costume headpieces.

Unleash your inner freak.

CyberFreak's cyberlox in action! Check out Pentatonix video, Kirstie's wearing a set of CF 'Lox.

I like to offer high quality at affordable prices, but I also want to offer items that customers want. If there's anything you would like to see us make, let me know! I want to keep you coming back and getting what you desire.

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong

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Unworn/unused items will be accepted for return or exchange. If the item does not meet your expectation, I will refund or send another item. Except for hair falls/yarn falls/dread falls. I do not accept them back for refund/exchange. Custom orders that can be resold I will take back, but if they are personalized (names/initials) I can not accept them back but if there's an issue, please contact me and we'll see what we can work out.

I recommend (strongly) that you make sure that the item is what you want before you purchase. I try to include the best description as well as large pictures so you can see exactly what you will receive. The internet is a risky place shop, I try to make it as forward as possible, but buyer be warned, monitors have different settings so the colors may not look the same, the scale may seem different to you, etc.

We accept returns 2 weeks (10 business days) from the time you RECEIVE the item (not when I ship, when you receive). Though I do ask you notify me immediately that you'd like a refund so I can get the process started as soon as possible.

However, since every item can be different, I will be happy to work with you to get you item how you like it. I will provide photos prior to shipping if the item is noticeably different than the pictured item and in the case of custom orders.
I will ask you to confirm, in these cases, before shipping , through photos, that the item meets your expectations . If you agree I will exchange if need be, but buyer will be warned. Having to return, remake, resend does not benefit either of us.
But please be sure to pay close attention to the description and pictures. I use large pictures so you can get as much detail as possible.

If item is damaged, I ask you notify me with in a week of receiving your order. I will either refund or remake, whichever you prefer. I will pay for shipping (refund you amount to ship back and ship new item at no charge) for damaged items.

We ship with tracking so if the package is lost we can all know it wasn't delivered. If you do not have a safe place for the delivery to be left, I ask that you make arrangements for the package to be received (picked up at post office/parcel service, left with a neighbor) that is both secure and out of the elements.

I would like to mention again that if the item (in case of custom orders and the uniqueness of our items), that:
1) if the item is custom I will keep in contact during the creation of the item through emails and photos for you to be aware and approve of prior to shipping.
2) that some items because we use recycled parts in our creations, may be slightly different than previous items we sold. If you requested multiple items or such that they may not look identical. I shall endeavor to make them as closely as possible,but it might not happen. If the case is that it looks significantly different, I will let you know before shipping by email and photos. If it is not acceptable we can cancel the order prior to shipping.

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Unless you would like to ship expedited, we ship USPS for the most cost effective measures. Additional shipping cost will occur.

I will send tracking information regardless of shipping method so you know your order is on it's way.

I also insure all packages mailed in case of becoming lost or damaged in shipping, so if something happens, let me know, we can get another item or a refund out for you right away!

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