Unusual Art Nouveau brooch pin with swags of chain and crystal and a Mucha-inspired Medusa female head with flowing hair.

This gorgeous brooch features silver-plated brass elements from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, originally designed and produced in the 1890s and 1910s and still made today using the original tooling from that period.

The back pin is early Art Deco in style and uses geometric patterns with a slight natural form influence. I added a gorgeous Art Nouveau piece of a woman's head with long, flowing snakelike hair - the 'Medusa', which is in the style of Alphons Mucha, who was one of the Art Nouveau period's foremost artists. 

Four swags of varying silver- and rhodium-plated chain hang from the brooch, one of which is caught up at the top of the woman's head to drape elegantly to either side of her face. Two small metallised crystal drops hang from either side of the brooch, while a larger, faceted Czech glass drop hangs from the bottom chain, decorated with ornate filigree.
7.7cm/3" wide; 9cm/3.5" deep to the lowest drop.
Antique silver oxidised plating over brass.
Decoration: Czech faceted crystal, silvered glass, silvered brass filigree, chains in oxidised silver plate over brass, silverplate over iron and rhodium plate over iron.
Long pin is horizontal on the back.

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