This bracelet has a simple silver colored chain which alternates with
razor blade charms all the way around the wrist. Once attached, the
bracelet has teardrop crystals in red and dark red colors hanging from
the wrist, along with a charm that sports the words “never, never give
up”. This bracelet is perfect for all those who have suffered from
self-harm afflictions or those who support those who have suffered from
self-harm. Even if you just want to remind yourself that you will make
it even if life can be hard, this bracelet is perfect for anyone who
can relate to the piece itself! An overall great piece to have!

This bracelet spans 17 cm plus a small extension.

Note: I have used a different jumpring in the bracelet recently to
improve on the design, so to keep the length the same as it was
originally, there is just one less razor blade on the bracelet. As well,
I am using razor charms that are slightly larger (by a few millimeters)
than the original, and the darker crystal is a bit lighter than the
photo. I try to keep everything the same in my products, however
sometimes an item is just not made anymore and I have to use what is
available! I thought I'd mention it in case anyone sees the photos and
feels I was misleading them! ^,..,^ ♡ Xx

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