1 Buy Zebra Pink Tentacle Piercing- 2, 0, 00 by Deceptions at I Am Attitude

The Kraken a mysterious monster from the deep. The legend of this many
armed creature has haunted man for centuries. Homer, Captain Nemo and
even Captain Sparrow have all battled with the ravenous wrath of the
Kraken. With eyes the size of dinner plates and a beak that can tear
through any mans flesh, this intelligent sea creature has some sailors
praying to their patron saint" Cthulhu" for safe passage and a return

Made of polymer clay these tentacles are bound to impress.
Available in sizes 2 gauge, 0 gauge, 00gauge

Price is per pair.

ALL Earrings are made to order.

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Each item is hand crafted and MADE TO ORDER.
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