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Handcrafted, stitched and constructed with the best genuine leather, this wallet adds style and edginess to durability and function. 
This wallet is every bit as functional and tough as it is stylish.
The skull flap closes over and snaps, keeping things securely in place.
These wallets are constructed to last, and you won’t be replacing this one any time soon anyway!

This slick and unique wallet will stand out in its gift box included with your purchase for safe delivery and easy gifting.
Add something extra to your Steampunk or gothic style with this practical and edgy wallet.
Because these wallets are 100% handmade by FamilySkiners you can expect only the highest of quality and attention to detail.

Wallet specifics:
Size (closed): 11 cm (approx 4.3 inch) x 9 cm (approx 3.5 inch)
Colors: Black
Material: 100% Genuine Leather
Skull: Mixture of plastic and rubber (very durable material)

With two different models described below, it contains sleek and smooth separate pockets for cards and cash.
Model two is also available for those who prefer another separate spot for coins.
Wallet inside (need to select):
Without coin pocket: 4 pockets for cards + 1 pocket for bills
With a coin pocket: 3 pockets for cards + 1 pocket for bills + pocket for coins

Please indicate in the comments whether you would like an Iron hole for a wallet chain
~ A few notes to remember: Real colors may slightly differ from one monitor to another, as it depends on specific monitor settings.

You will get the exact same wallet like in the first picture unless you specify otherwise. If you would like to have your item customised especially for you (length, leather colour, etc.) please preliminary contact us.
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Before you bid, if the question is about shipping or the item itself.

Please don’t hesitate to shoot us any questions you may have before purchasing.
We’d be happy to help ensure you get the perfect item.
We are always happy to work with customers and if you would like to customize an order with a different size, color or design please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.
Always yours, FamilySkiners

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