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Small voodoo kit with a cute mummy in love, for your love declaration or the return of the beloved.

Handmade kit including 3 items:

- a mini cuddly mummy, a little voodoo doll in love.

She has only one eye and is tattooed with runes propitious to the rituals of love.

Made of white and red felt with anti-allergic wadding and dust mites.

Supplied with a needle to poke his heart.

Dimensions: about 14.50 cm high / 7 cm wide 

approx. 5.51'' x 2.75''

- a small divination pendulum with Cherry Quartz pendant and owl charm.

- a small fish reader of feelings: posed on the palm of the hand and according to its way of moving, it allows to predict the feelings of love.

These are accessories and toys for adults only that are not suitable for children.

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