You are looking at a high quality leather mask. One of our latest creations, this altitude gas mask will serve as a great fashion accessory, mostly functional even in terms of fictional conception. It has an intricate pattern and heavy brass fittings that are balanced and attached to the harness on the back of the neck.

Including 2 rubber hoses, handmade custom solid brass fittings and an extra fine and comfortable harness that will allow fast and easy use.

As all of our goods - it is handcrafted from scratch, using high quality authentic materials and traditional craft techniques. 

Here is the list, that provides you with all the required information about this fine product and it's properties:
Leather part – made of 2 mm veg-tanned leather, wet-formed to fit perfectly, dyed black and finished with Fiebing's "Atom Wax" to achieve additional smoothness and rich gloss.
Padding rims - made of soft 1 mm calfskin. The padding is hand-stitched to the mask with waxed polyester thread. 
Leather edges burnished and waxed.
Solid brass decoration fittings - polished and chemically blackened. 
Rubber hoses - re-purposed from a vintage gas mask.
Harness - smart and refined harness made of 2 mm veg-tanned leather, finished with Fiebing's "Atom Wax". The straps are long enough to fit even the largest head sizes. 
Strap buckles – classic "roll buckles" made of steel and anodized with brass. Very durable.
Bolts, nuts and studs – made from brass, all in standard 3 mm threading. 

One size fits most head sizes and is unisex.

We ship via Express Mail Service (EMS), which is USPS Express in the US and Express Post in other locations. We provide tracking information right after the order is shipped. Shipping usually takes up to 10 business days.

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Delivery Estimate
EMS (Russian Federation)
3 Days
EMS (Everywhere Else)
10 Days
EMS (Australia)
10 Days

Custom orders are always welcome - we are open to new ideas, but keep in mind, that any custom order may take some considerable time to craft.
We offer refund in case the item was damaged during shipping, however we expect the buyer to return the damaged item and pay for the return shipping.

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