Dramatic headdress made with black lace, black roses of different sizes and bronze toned accents. The forehead is crowned with a swirly crescent moon adorned with a black tear-shaped bead. Down the back falls a black veil made with two different lenghts of tulle. The style lies somewhere within gothic, vampyric goddess of the moon.
It it perfect for an alternative bride. It can be used with a fantasy costume or as an extra special accessory. Will definitely add a special touch to any kind of outfit or characterization.
The base is rigid, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
This piece has matching earrings, and necklace, each sold separately: 

Nebula X Crafts headpiece creations are all one of a kind! This means that we only make one of each piece, so once it´s sold out, that´s it! It also means no one in the whole world will have the same piece ;)
The only exception is if the same person wants to buy more than one of a piece. In that case, we can come to an agreement, but it´s really important for us that each customer knows that their piece is excusive :)
If there is something you absolutely want but is sold out, message us! We can surely come up with something similar made specially for you.

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