Phoenix Rising Designs

Phoenix Rising Designs is the artistic collaboration of Isaac Rappaport and Jessica Bottomley. We have been weaving together in life, love, partnership, performance art, and fashion design since 1998. 

As fire dancers and stilt walkers we found the need to create our own costuming and began sewing and crafting early on in our partnership. 

Our original passion has always been performance art and dance, 
beginning with fire dancing and stiltwalking, and our venture into 
fashion has been a reflection of that passion. We understand 
what it means to feel comfortable and expressive simultaneously. 

We believe that clothing should celebrate the natural contours of the 
human form while supporting expansion in movement and spirit. 

We gather inspiration from organic patterns in nature as well as various symbols from many different cultures. 
We hope that you enjoy wearing our clothing as much as we enjoy the process of creating it.



One of our passions is to collaborate with other inspiring artist/designers, 
exploring symbiotic relationships that elevate our artistic potential and support our 
evolution as a community of successful artists. 

Starting in 2005, we embarked on a collaborative project 
with Melodia Designs ( 
We first connected with Melodia as performance artists with a shared appreciation of 
costuming and soon became dear friends. 
It did not take long to realize we had some nice chemistry as artists and designers. 
We have been co-designing a line of clothing, combining Melodia’s impeccable patterns 
and our hand batik art and dye techniques. 
The result has been a winning combination of our collective creative juices giving birth
to “MeloPhoenix Designs”. 
It has been a fruitful venture that has allowed us to evolve our 
work ethics and strengthen our business. 

We hope the success of our collaborative partnership serves as an inspiration for other artists 
to explore the infinite potential of working together and supporting each other in a
sustainable symbiotic relationship.

In 2005 we expanded our family business by opening a door for my sister, 
Jill Bottomley to launch “Gypsy Monkey” which focuses on a line of colorful children’s playwear. 
Gypsy Monkey creations are produced by the same family that produces the
Phoenix Rising and MeloPhoenix line of batik clothing. 
While Jill is the sole owner/designer of Gypsy Monkey (, 
sometimes we share design themes between the adult and children versions of the batik clothing. 
Our family approach allows us to help each other out to be even more successful as we are able to oversee Gypsy Monkey production in Bali while Jill is in the United States, 
managing our entire shipping/ordering department.

In 2007 we started another collaboration with Asli Designs ( 
Asli Kent is an artist from Turkey who has been living in Bali for the past 
8 years crafting an array of wearable leather art. 
We were inspired by her collection of one-of-a-kind garments, with detail of hand-sculpted 
and painted hide embedded with stones, jewelry, and studs. 

Our collective synergy has given birth to a line of leather skirts and bras that weave intricate cut 
out appliqué techniques, sculpted hide, semi-precious stones, silverwork, and eclectic jewelry 
trinkets from around the world. 
We enjoy traveling together and often set up shop together to co-create and sell our creations.



We use only the highest quality cotton/lycra available. Our fabric is a dense weave of 85% cotton/ 15% lycra, making our products naturally fire-resistant (for all you fire artists). Note: The fabric we use is fire-resistant, but not guaranteed to be fire-proof. Test first before setting yourself aflame. Our garments are designed to breath and support unrestricted movement to ensure maximum comfort on stage, on the dance floor, in the studio, or just strutting around town.

We begin the batik process with pure white fabric which we transform by using hot wax to mark out the design lines, then hand dye by paintbrush. Once the dye is dry enough we usually add a second layer of wax and another round of dying. Once all of the artwork is done, we fix the dye then boil out the wax. Finally we begin the process of cutting out the panels, aligning the artwork,

and sewing the pieces into the final garment.



We produce our line of clothing and accessories in Bali, Indonesia where we live for 6 months of every year. We have been working with the same families since 2001. We are very conscious about fair trade practices and keeping our impact on the environment as minimal as possible. We spend much time working side by side with the artists who produce our designs. Our facilities are generally filled with smiles, laughter, and positive vibes, which is a good sign that our producers are happy about the work they are doing. Great care is taken during the production process. All of the excess dye is put into an evaporation trough so as not to contaminate any groundwater or be dumped down the drain leading to local waterways. All excess scraps of fabric are sewn together to create our Mozaic line of products, and our new baby clothing line, which are made of 100% recycled fabric.

Whenever possible we use Organically grown fibers such as Organic Cotton and Organic Bamboo. We have also recently begun using Modal fibers in many of our garments. Modal is a new "eco" fiber that can be used in place of cotton for many applications.

Batik is a traditional art form in Indonesia that we are happy to be helping to sustain within the culture. We see our products as a fusion of our own artistic designs and their traditional batik methods.

We pay our workers generously because we believe in the quality of work they are doing and would like to offer our producers and their families more opportunity to be successful and abundant.

We are not “certified” fair trade because we have yet to find a “certified” fair trade producer of the cotton/lycra fabric that we are currently using.

We are taking steps to locate that source and become a fully certified fair trade company. In all other aspects our standards go beyond what the fair trade certification calls for and we are proud to infuse consciousness and integrity in all aspects of our business.

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Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: For orders with a delivery address within the U.S. the delivery time is approximately 4-8 days after order is placed. For orders with a delivery address outside of the U.S. expect 7-12 days for delivery.

Q: What are the care instructions for washing my garment?
A: We recommend washing with cold water in a washing machine and hanging dry. Note: After garments are washed they will appear to be much longer than usual, do not panic, once they are dry they will resume their exact original size and shape. All of our cotton/lycra garments are pre-washed and fixed to assure that there will be no shrinkage or color bleeding.

Q: Can I return or exchange my order?
A: We accept returns and exchanges within 14 days of shipment as long as the garment is in the same condition as when we sent it out. Once we receive your return we will issue a refund on your credit card. If you are wanting to exchange for another size or design please go ahead and just order what you want from our site, to make sure we have what you are wanting in stock, and once we receive your exchange garment in the mail we will issue a refund on the credit card. Customers are responsible for paying all shipping/handling fees associated with exchanges and returns.

Please contact us for any return/exchange requests. Please include a note with your exchange/return explaining the reason for return. This will ensure swift turn around time with your exchange or refund. Our mailing address for returns/exchanges is:

Phoenix Rising Designs
75 Bost ave. #2
Nevada City, CA. 95959

Q: Can I make a custom order for a particular size or design that is not currently available?
A: At the present moment we are not taking special order requests. So what you see on the site is what is currently available. You can email [email protected] and request to be notified as soon as new stock is available.

Q: How do I determine my size?
A: Please refer to our sizing charts. The inseam measurement is the distance from the crotch to the bottom of pants along the inside leg seam. Waist is the distance around the waistband. Keep in mind that the cotton/lycra is a 4 way stretch fabric that allows for a range in the sizing.

Q: Are Phoenix Rising garments safe for fire dancing?
A: We use a naturally fire resistant fabric (85% cotton/15% lycra) for all of our Phoenix Rising and MeloPhoenix garments. The clothing is fire resistant because of the fabric content and the weave. Note: Our clothing is not fire proof, fire dance in our clothing at your own risk. We do it regularly with no problem.

Q: How can I try on Phoenix Rising Design clothing in person?
A: We only sell our garments direct from our website or at select events. Please refer to our schedule to see where we will be presenting our merchandise. We do not accept drop in visits at our business address.

Q: Does Phoenix Rising Designs take wholesale accounts?
A: Please contact us directly with wholesale inquiries.

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We ship via USPS Flatrate Priority mail and charge a $5 handling fee included in the shipping charges.

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