1 Buy Silver Gothic Filigree Nail Caps by Rapt In Amber at I Am Attitude

These nail caps are fully adjustable and come in sets of either 5 or 10 for one or both hands.

The delicate filigree wrap-around fingertip rings are easy to slip on and adjust to a comfortable fit that will not easily slip off. Simply squeeze to attain the perfect fit.

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Canada Post (Canada)
2 to 3 business days
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6 to 10 business days
Canada Post Xpresspost (United States)
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Canada Post Xpresspost (Everywhere Else)
4 business days guaranteed

All jewelry is handmade by me and is 100% customizable. I try to be accommodating and will gladly work with you so please check all details in the description before ordering to ensure the piece will work for you. If you need assistance, just contact me and I'll happily help any way I can!

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