Copyright 2015 Rebel Ideal®. Unisex Aged Oxidized Solid Brass Flower Patch Skull Ring. Made in NYC. Shipped from NYC. Allow 2-3 weeks for the item to be made.

DIMENSION/SIZE: ring weight (size 6): 12.2 g skull length (from jaw to top of the skull): 23 mm skull width (from left side to right side): 20 mm skull height: 7 mm

MATERIAL USED: Aged/Oxidized Solid Brass


If you need size 10.5 and up, just email me and I will take care of your custom order. It usually takes about 2 weeks to complete a custom order. So, if you are getting your costume ready for Halloween, please hurry :-)

A symbol for impermanence, skulls were used in many different kinds of ancient rituals and religious art as a reminder of your own death. It may also function as your support when confronting and dispelling your fears, like the fear of death and the irrational fear of creepy things like skulls, corpses and ghosts....So...don't be afraid...get some skulls :-)

All rings are year-stamped.

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