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"Woman to cat to hare and back" is the cycle of growth and transformation. One of my favorite Goddesses is Cerridwen. Cauldrons in Celtic mythology are symbols of abundance, inspiration, and divine knowledge, as well as sources of metamorphosis and spiritual rebirth. As keeper of the cauldron, Cerridwen is the goddess of transformation, controlling the shape changing of humans and animals and offering guidance and spiritual renewal at crucial junctures on life's journey.
So the first part is transformation to cat. In Celtic mythology, cats were often portrayed as liaisons to mystic realms, granting the caller a variety of insights regarding esoteric and ethereal knowledge. They were considered the guardian of souls, their eyes the windows to the other world. 
And then, to hare. The hare is considered an intermediary between mortals and deities, a messenger of the gods, but also a trickster with powers to effect transformation and control destiny. Its erratic movements foretell future events and as a lunar animal, it represents rebirth, immortality, good fortune and prosperity.
And back, to grow even more :)
The necklace is made of leather, with the pattern burned into it and painted in green/gold/silver to give it life.  The choker is adorned with a cage pendant that can be opened and can contain an object - gemstone, scroll... - of maximum 3 x 3 cm

Materials : leather, paint for leather, special sealant, non-tarnish silver plated wire

necklace length: minimum 34 cm

*The necklace comes without stone but on request I can provide one.
*The cage can be made smaller on request

NOTE: Please let me know if it is a special day when you need the jewelry and I'll make sure you get it on time.

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