Feeling mischievous today? I made this horned crown especially for you - a Lady Loki who knows to appreciate the finest things in life... and in accessories ;)
The design is elegant with flowing shapes, decorated with a pair of horns and a deep green Swarovski crystal. I used non-tarnish gold plated wire which will not change color in time.
The horns length and shape is fully customizable! Additional charge may apply for larger horns

- non-tarnish gold plated wire
- Swarovski crystal (Dark Moss Green)

It can be set using hair pins. One size fits all.
This horned crown is perfect as an accessory in costumes or in day-to-day life. Also, it can be the ideal gift for someone who loves norse mythology, Loki and Marvel movies.

NOTE: Please let me know if it is a special day when you need the jewelry and I'll make sure you get it on time.

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