Steampunk and Gothic Jewellery

We are a company specializing in the production of Steampunk and Gothic Jewellery. No two pieces are the same and our team of Neo-Victorian time traveling artisans work tirelessly to produce for you,the discerning gothic steampunk aficionados out there,something unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Until now,our small band of artists have been concerned with selling locally. This is your first chance to purchase our products internationally. Now you can set yourself apart from the crowd with an article that is truly unique!

(Slight variations may occur due to availability of material, as every item is unique but we always strive to stay true to the artistic integrity of the product presented)

We always ship within 1 day, as our workshop is next door to the post office!

In most cases, when you buy something from us, any other purchases on the same order, hitch a ride in the dirigible absolutely FREE of charge!

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We aim to encourage repeat buying,so if you love our products keep buying!
we will combine shipping to make the experience as quick and cheap as possible.
Cancellation policy: Once payment is made, we offer no cancellation policy.
Be sure you want to order before you make your payment.
We give refunds in certain circumstances where the item has been damaged in transit.
We require photographic evidence and the return of the item in question.
We do not give refunds for any other reason.

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We ship all the items with recorded postage: you will have a tracking number to find out where your order is

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