Vintage Wool Felt Formal Tuxedo Topper Top Hat and steampunk goggles.

100% Wool, lined.

is the Classic English city gents Top Hat as worn by aristocracy, the
quintessential Victorian gentleman's head wear, and a must have for any
steampunk gentleman!
This particular offering includes copper
steampunk goggles genuine rooster feathers, a maroon band,, all finished
with a large brass gear,essential for all steampunk adventures!
combination of the brass, copper, maroon and resplendant browns in the
feathers really work together well. However, the feathered gears can be
removed and worn as a brooch, the goggles can be warn seperately also,
therefore you can have various looks.

you will also receive a pair of interchangable transparent lenses!

If you are interested in only the hat, brooch, or only the goggles, send me a message, and we can make a custom order for you!

available in the following sizes Small (56) Medium (57/8) Large (59) Extra Large (60)
just leave your size in messages!

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Part of our profit helps support the local feline community in our area.

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