Twisted Magazines

The magazines that showcase Alternative Models, Fashion, Art, Music, Brands, Creatives, Photography and More from around the world. The Alternative Publications were the creation of Craig Palethorpe and now new director Darwin Sonnen and the purpose is to promote the unknown and the established.

Originally started in 2013 as an online only, quarterly project - since then has grown to become a completely different animal. From March 2014 the magazines moved into print and digital download and have continued to forge ahead, making waves and evolving every step.

There are now 4 different titles under The Alternative Publications, each one offering something different and each one unique in itself of what it offers TE may be the original, but its that one title that has since formed spin offs of TL, TI, TF.

Plain and simply The Alternative Publications were created to build in the alt community and make sure those that never would have gotten seen - GET seen and then tomato sure people, brands get the highlight they deserve.

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