unholEy clotHing


Recycled, Handmade, Post Apocalyptic, Military, Leather Goods and more!!

Our items are handmade using The best materials including the best leather, from the best tanneries around the world. We also have our "Resurrection" Line which is recycled goods. We make use of discarded items and materials. Including; leather, military items, clothing, animal furs, animal bones etc. Any animal materials we use are ethically sourced. This means the animal died of natural causes.

We make "wearable art" so some of our items are made fresh brand new, some are custom or commission work and some are one of a kind and not mass produced. So if you see something you like, chances are it's the only one and will never be available again! (with that said again there is a custom section and one of a kind items will be marked.)

Our line of handmade clothing and accessories have a "Post Apocalyptic Military feel with a touch of Rock n Roll and a bit of Steampunk!"

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We also sell wall artwork here and there.

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Custom Orders can take between 1-2 weeks to be made and shipped.
One of a kind or unholEy Resurrection items ship within 3 business days of order.

be sure to take measurements and read each description carefully, as we do not take returns or exchanges due to the items being custom. With that said there are certain occasions where we can work something out.

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