These handmade earrings swoop out from the central coil in a graceful spiral of feather-like spines. Each gently curving plume is individually hand cut from soft, touchable rubber and layered over an aluminum armature. They are durable, yet extremely lightweight! Pieces are approximately 4 inches long. Earwires are surgical stainless steel. Sterling silver earwires are also available upon request.

Pieces are made to order and will have some variation from the photographs, though overall appearance and proportions will be consistent with the images.

For those of you with gauged ear piercings, I can modify any of my earring designs to fit you. The gauged component is made of polymer clay and is hand made to your specifications. Because of the extra time needed to make these, please allow up to 60 days for delivery.

All components are latex-free and nickel-free!

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